Do THIS Before You Go To Sleep!

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Many of us struggle with falling asleep sometimes from time to time. The stress or chaos from our day can make it difficult to unwind. However, when we take a moment to think positive thoughts before going to sleep, we sleep better and feel happier. Why? Keep reading, in this BIT we break-down the science behind going to sleep with positive thoughts in mind.

When we think positive thoughts the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone, decreases.  As it decreases, serotonin, a happiness hormone in our brain, improves and boosts our mood as well as creating an overall sense of well being.  In comparison, when we focus on the negative, our brain is in a state of stress, it is alert and preparing to react. When we are stressed before bedtime, often our muscles are tight, our mind is racing, many people will clench their jaws and grind their teeth, and frequently we wake up during the night with racing thoughts resulting in poor sleep. As you can tell, this mindset is not resulting in good and relaxing sleep. However, when we switch to more positive and happy thinking, we begin breathing slower, our body is able to relax, we feel more at ease, and as a result we can wake up more rested, productive and creative. 

  1. One of the best ways to relax is to tense your body, and then relax it, start with your feet and then move through the whole body. This method was created in the 1920s by Dr Edmund Jacobsen to help his patients that were struggling with anxiety.  This is also a great tip that helps with stress and anxiety. 
  2. Once you have relaxed your body, repeat sleep affirmations. These create more positive mindsets and take your mind off whatever you were thinking.  Positive affirmations have more benefits;  they are known to boost self esteem, reduce stress levels, and they encourage the body to rest and relax. 

These happiness hacks will help your body and your mind to feel more positive, fall asleep and sleep better, and result in you waking up feeling calmer and getting better sleep.

Try the positive affirmations in the image! They are easy to remember and repeat to get into that positive mindset.  Overall, having a positive mindset before falling asleep really helps us get better sleep. We hope that this post inspires you to try some of these techniques including positive affirmations to not only feel happier but also get better sleep and be more productive, creative and happy the next day.

We hope that this inspires you to tell yourself some personal affirmations, or think positive thoughts before going to sleep, and get a small bit of happiness.


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