Our TikTok page is made for teens by teens. Here, you’ll find videos with small, simple ways on how to have a better day, happiness hacks, and daily happiness tips, because mental health matters.  Additionally, we have quotes, and funny videos that will make you laugh and brighten your day.


Similar to our TikTok, our Instagram page is also focused on teens helping teens, so be sure to leave a positive comment about what gives you a daily dose of happiness. It features small, simple ways to give you a daily dose of happiness.  In addition, you’ll find here a multitude of posts with scientific facts, that tell you why these simple things are happiness hacks, and how they can improve mental health.


Our Youtube Channel contains many entertaining and friendly videos.  Without a doubt, mental health matters, and these videos contain happiness hacks and tips to create healthy habits.  Here at Small Bits of Happiness, we believe in teens helping teens.  Above all, we always encourage commenting about what makes you happy, to grow our peer support community.  


The Small Bits of Happiness Pinterest account holds many of the contents that can also be found on our TikTok and Instagram. Make sure to save what resonates with you, so you can always look back to find your dose of daily happiness.  In addition, use this page to make someone’s day and send them a pin with a funny video or quote that you can find on our Pinterest boards.  Again, making someone else feel good makes us feel good, so show peer support and spread a dose of daily happiness.

Also, check out our quotes, YouTube, funny videos, and happy tips pages, right here on the Small Bits of Happiness website. If you’re interested in longer videos, containing more detailed information, check our Self Help videos. 


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