Quick videos created for teens by teens, focusing on what is self sabotage and explaining self pity causes.

Love Yourself

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect.” – Unknown

Episode 1: Intro

Learn about what is self sabotage and how self pity is related.

Episode 2: Self Pity is Self Destructive

Break down of self pity causes.

Episode 3: The Victim Mentality

How to be happier with yourself? See how the victim mentality relates to self sabotage. 

Episode 4: Gratitude

Learn how to be happier with yourself and how to stop the self pity cycle through gratitude. 

Episode 5: The WHYS of Self Pity

Tips on how to be more resilient and a break-down of the WHYS of self pity. 


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Featuring quick videos created for teens by teens.  

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