Hack Your Happiness is a podcast designed to bring you behind-the-scenes of what brings iconic individuals happiness, plus their life hacks. Hosted by our teen co-founders, Mercedes and Anastasia. Interviews include Olympic Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and more. Throughout all our episodes you’ll find great conversations, hacks that you can take away and try in your life, inspiration, as well as unique and surprising insights.  


Discover tips for teens across all the episodes of this Small Bits of Happiness podcast.

Dark grey background with F1 Academy Driver Jessica Edgar on Small Bits of Happiness on the left.  She has her arms crossed, is wearing her uniform, is smiling and looking to the left.  On the left, "Episode 13, Jessica Edgar's Hacks Finding A Supportive Community"  is written.

F1 Academy Driver Jessica Edgar’s Hacks On Finding A Supportive Community

Sue Bryce on Hack Your Happiness.  There is a photo of Sue Bryce in the background,with long, brown, curled hair that is down.  Additionally, she is smiling, and wearing jeans and a brown jacket.  In the middle, "Sue Bryce's Self Value Hacks" is written.

Top Photographer Sue Bryce’s Hacks Values On How To Value Yourself

Tracy Tutor on Small Bits of Happiness, Hack Your Happiness.  Tracy Tutor is on the right, wearing a brown turtleneck, brown pants, and has long, blonde, curled hair.  On the left, "Tracy Tutor, Hacks On Balancing Your Life" is written.

Real Estate Agent + Reality Show Star Tracy Tutor’s Hacks On Balancing Your Life

Olympic Swimmer Penny Oleksiak’s Hacks On Accepting What We Can’t Control

Turquoise background with Dr. Victoria Waller interview with Small Bits of Happiness in the middle.  Above, "Passion To Overcome Challenges with Dr. Victoria Waller" is written.

Dr. Victoria Waller’s Hacks On Using Passion To Overcome Challenges

Author S.G. Prince’s Hacks For Finding + Following Your Passion

Background of a middle school with two teens in the middle.  The teen on the left is wearing a short sleeve, yellow top, has long, blonde hair in two braids.  She is smiling an holding books on her head.  On the right is a teenage girl with mid-length, blonde, curled hair.  She is wearing a long-sleeve, burnt orange top.  She's also holding books on top of her head.  Above, "Episode 6, Middle School HACKS" is written, with "A Small Bits of Happiness TM Original Podcast" written below.

Our Middle School Hacks

Orange background with "Dawn Richardson Wilson's Hacks For Getting Over Hard Days" written at the top.  In the bottom, right corner there is a photo of Dawn Richardson Wilson, and at the very bottom, "A Small Bits of Happiness Original Podcast" is written.

Dawn Richardson Wilson’s Hacks For Getting Over Hard Days

Photo of Teri Hofford jumping on a tennis court.  On the left, "Teri Hofford's Body Image Hacks" is written.  At the bottom, "A Small Bits of HappinessTM Original Podcast" is written.

Body Image Expert Teri Hofford’s Body Image Hacks

Background of Paris, and the Eiffel Tower. In the middle, Small Bits of Happiness co-founders, Mercedes and Anastasia Korngut are standing. They are smiling, and standing back to back. Above, "Happy Hacks From France." is written, with "A Small Bits of Happiness Original Podcast" written below.

Happiness Around The World: Happy Hacks From France

Mountains, trees, and a lake in the background.  In the middle, there is a photo of Viola Seda, wearing a grey jacket.  At the top, "Viola Seda's Hacks" is written, with "A Small Bits of Happiness TM Original Podcast" written below.  This is Viola Seda on Hack Your Happiness, the Small Bits of Happiness podcast.

Teen Activist Viola Seda’s Hacks on Not Caring What Others Think

"Hack Your Happiness" podcast cover.  On the cover is Olympic Skier, Megan Oldham, in the middle of a ski jump.  On the cover, "Hacks From Megan Oldham, A Small Bits of Happiness Original Podcast TM" is written.

Olympic Skier Megan Oldham’s Hacks On Taking Breaks

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