Sleep Benefits – Star and Moon Jewelry

Jewelry to remind you to get more sleep. Every piece of our star and moon jewelry collection is curated to a specific activity or idea that’ll inspire you to rest more and gain sleep benefits.

Teen girl wearing light blue pyjamas and touching the "Sleeping Star and Moon Necklace" in silver. She has brown nails.

Sleeping Star and Moon Necklace

Reminds you to take downtime.

White background with a teen girl in the middle. She is wearing a grey sleepmask on her forehead, and has long, curled, blonde hair. She is smiling, and looking to the right, as well as wearing the "Magical Moon Earrings".

Magical Moon Earrings

Reminds you to think happy thoughts before sleep.

Teen girl wearing the "Shooting Star Ring Set" on her finger.

Shooting Star Ring Set

Reminds you to look for the beauty in every evening.

"Mindful Moon Bracelet" on a white background.

Mindful Moon Bracelet

Reminds you to go to sleep earlier.

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