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In this BIT: Have the best school year yet with our back to school advice and guide.

Back to school season is here for many of us, and for others it is approaching.  Although school may have its dull moments, in this BIT we share our hacks on how to have the best school year yet. If we look for small bits of happiness in daily life, and try to enjoy our time at school, spend time with friends, and don’t get too behind, it can actually be enjoyable and not so bad after all!

1. Distractions

We love our phones, laptops, headphones, and all of our technology.  However, when you’re in class to learn, or at home studying or working through homework, these beloved devices can sometimes stop us from finishing our work quickly.  Personally, I used to catch myself (and on occasion, still do now) pulling out my phone and scrolling on TikTok while my laptop is loading a new tab. However, once the new tab loads, it’s so hard to just stop scrolling… and those extra minutes really do add up during the day.  So let’s put away the distractions.  Or, maybe you are trying to finish up some work, in class or at home, but your friends are having a lengthy conversation and your  phone will not stop lighting up. The best thing we can do is turn on “Do Not Disturb” on your laptop or phone during school and homework/studying. Alternatively, putting your phone on the other side of the room, or just turning it upside down can really help not be distracted. Most of all, keep in mind that the faster you finish your work, the faster you can enjoy the rest of your day!

2. Be Realistic

Sometimes, we can be really tough on ourselves! Too tough. Whether this pertains to our expectations for grades, being able to spend lots of time with friends, or making all (or most) of the school teams, we all can feel overwhelmed and like we’re not good enough. Remember that even if you don’t succeed, as long as you learn something, you’ve won. We’re still in school, and what we do right now is mainly a building block for the future. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember progress not perfection.  Simply try your best, and learn from your mistakes.

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3. Celebrate!

Celebrating the little wins is so important! It’s the little wins that make up all of our daily moments of joy.  It is so important to celebrate our wins everyday and all year long. Celebrate doing well on a quiz, making your bed by taking joy in having a delicious snack or enjoying an extra 10 minutes FaceTiming your friends. Had a really good soccer training session? A teacher tells you they enjoyed your presentation? Don’t brush it off, take a moment to feel proud of yourself!

Celebrating the small wins is vital, because if we don’t stop to appreciate the small, good moments, those big moments (like the end of the school year and arrival of another summer) will seem very far away.  Meanwhile, celebrating even the smallest victories boosts our motivation and mood throughout the year.

We hope that with this school advice, you’ll have the best school year yet, giving you a small bit of happiness.


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