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Orange background with a teen girl on the left.  She has brown hair wrapped in an orange towel.  Half of her face is covered in a white face mask, the other half doesn't have any face mask.  Both of her eyes have cucumbers on them.  On the right, "How to...DIY At-Home Spa Day" is written.

How To Have An At Home DIY Spa Day

We all know the importance of downtime! An at-home spa day is budget friendly and it’s also the perfect way to unwind, refresh, and recharge…

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Photo of friends standing together, embracing each other. They are facing a sunrise, with "Stop Caring What Others Think" written in the middle. Below, "Must Have Tips" is written.

How To Not Care What Others Think

Want to not care what others think of you? Discover our confidence tips, and life hacks all on the topic of embracing your authentic self and not caring what others think…

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Room with hardwood and a grey wall in the background. In the middle there is a teen girl wearing a grey t-shirt, with blonde hair in a bun. She is smiling and holding her hands up. Above, "How to be more MOTIVATED" is written and underlined. Behind the girl's head there is a big "MOTIVATION" written.

How To Be Motivated

We all lead busy lives. Even the most motivated of people can sometimes struggle to keep up with the constant flow of demand that comes with life. Discover our top hacks for being more motivated, including…

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Orange background with "Our Guide to the Ultimate School Year" written in the middle. Surronding the words there are sparkle emojis. On the left there is a circular image of two teen girls. The girl on the right has long, straight, brown hair, is wearing a white tank top and holding a green folder. She has her armed wrapped around the teen girl on the left. She has mid-length, straight, brown hair, is also smiling, and wearing a white top. On the right "A must read!" is written.

Our Back To School Guide

Back to school season is here or approaching for many. of us. Although school may be dull at times, it still has it’s fun moments. Make this your best school year yet with our ultimate back to school guide!

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Pink background with a blonde Barbie on the right. The Barbie has blonde, curly, hair in a ponytail, and is pointing to the left. On the left "Barbie's Happy Hacks" is written with a diamond icon, Barbie logo, and high heel icon throughout the image.

Happy Hacks From Barbie

Barbie is an inspiring and iconic figure, and she’s been around since 1959. In this BITS post we break down all of Barbie’s advice on finding more happiness. These tips include…

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Bright yellow background. On the right there is a teenage girl with long, brown, straight hair. She is wearing a pink top, and holding her hands up to her face, looking scared. On the left "How to Cancel Plans With Your Friends" is written.

How to Cancel Plans

We love our friends, but sometimes we just don’t feel like hanging out. However, we don’t want to hurt our friends feelings. These are our hacks for canceling plans, starting with…

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Orange background, and on the right there is a teen girl with short, black, straight hair. She is wearing white jeans and a brown top. She looks embarrassed, and has one hand on her head. On the left, "How to Get Over Those Awkward Moments" is written in black font.

How to Get Over Awkward Moments

We’ve all been there, we do something embarrassing, and then for hours or even days we relive that awkward moment. How can we stop re-living awkward moments? This BIT holds all the answers! 

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White background with "How to fall asleep when not tired" written in yellow and blue font. In the bottom left corner, there is a teen girl with long, wavy, brown hair, laying under a white blanket, looking tired.

How to Fall Asleep When You’re Not Tired

POV: it’s been a long day, and you’re so excited to finally go to sleep. But as you lay down, you get a sudden burst of energy. Do this to fall asleep…

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Teen girl with long, brown hair, wearing a pint tshirt and brown overalls, pointing to "Hacks to best organize your room". Behind her is a bright pink and orange background. To her right, there is a photo of an organized bedroom.

How to Organize Your Room: For Teens

The answer to every teens ultimate question: how to organize my room quickly? Discover our top tips (plus a few secret hacks) in this BIT. Featuring…

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Light blue ombre background, with "Don't Miss This Good Start To The Day" written. On the right, there is a wavy photo frame with a teen girl, who has brown curly hair, looking in the mirror and smiling. She is wearing a white tanktop.

Want A Good Start To The Day? Try This

Are you tired throughout the entire day? Starting our mornings off in a positive way can help us have a better day and feel less tired. Our first (super easy) hack is…

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Metallic blue background with a white circle on the left side. In the circle there is a blonde teenage girl, with long straight hair. She is wearing a white sweater, and hugging herself. On the right "How to Like Your Body" is written.

How to Like Your Body

As teens, our bodies are constantly changing, and it can be hard to always be happy with how we look. We list our top tips on to how to like your body, and can truly help you find ways to like yourself just as you are…

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Pink ombre background with an image of four teenage girls on the right. In the image, from left to red; a blonde teenage girl wearing a pink tank top, a blonde teenage girl wearing a white shirt, blue flannel and jean shorts, a teenage girl with brown curly hair wearing a white shirt and jean shorts and a teenage girl with blonde hair wearing a striped shirt and jean shorts. To the left of the image "The Best Wats to Celebrate Valentine's Day WithoutA Date" is written, with two red hearts in the upper right corner.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without A Date

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. In this BIT we share our advice on how to feel special and have a fun Valentine’s Day without a date…

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On the right, a woman is standing face forward, she has brown hair, red lipstick, and is wearing white round sunglasses with blue lenses. On the left, there is a blue text box with "5 celebrity secrets to happiness" written inside. There are blue designs in the background.

Celebrity Secrets – To Being Happier

Find out how to be happier with advice from top celebrities! Including Zendaya, Kendall Jenner and more…

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Yellow background with "How to stop being angry" written on the left side. Beneath the writing, there is a yellow angry emoji. On the right, there is a teenage girl, wearing a pink t-shirt, with brown hair in a ponytail. She has an angry facial expression, and has her arms raised in a frustrated way.

How to Stop Feeling Angry

Does this sound familiar? Your blood is boiling, your fists and jaw are clenched, and your heart is racing; you’re angry. However…

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Black background with golden fireworks. On the left side, there is a red "live" sign with "Teen Tips for the New Year" written in gold below. On the right, there is a teenage girl, wearing blue denim jeans, a green t-shirt, round glasses and white earphones. She has brown hair in a ponytail, and she is smiling.

Tips For the New Year For Teens

The New Year is here, and with that, the opportunity for a fresh start. Try doing these four tips to be your best and happiest self this year…

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Turquoise background with two girls standing at the bottom right corner. The one to the far right has long black hair, is wearing denim shorts, a black, lacy, long sleeve top, and a denim jacket. She is also wearing a black hat. She is holding a white speech bubble sign, with the word "other" in it. To her right, is a girl with long dirty blonde hair, wearing a white tank top, and denim shorts. She is smiling and looking toward the speech bubble sign. Above the girls, the words "how to not care what others think" is written.

How to Stop Caring What Others Think

As teens, we care so much about what our friends, classmates, and teammates think of us. Discover our top tips to stop caring, like…

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Woman with long black hair, wearing white pyjamas, sitting in a bed giving two thumbs up. Above her "how to have a better morning" is written.

How to Have A Better Morning

Starting our day off on a positive note helps us feel happier throughout the entire day. Our top tips to have a better morning are…

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Chalkboard wall background with two teen girls on the right side. The teen girl on the far right has long blonde hair, curtain bang, is smiling, wearing a yellow top and a pink backpack strap on her shoulder. The other girl also has long blonde hair, wearing an orange flower top, smiling, and has a yellow backpack on. On the left side "how to have the best school year" is written in white, and below are an assortment of crayons.

How to Have the Best School Year

How can you have the best school year yet? Below, we list our top 3 tips, plus some playlists for school…

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Photo of Navy SEAL men standing side by side. On the left, "tips for less stress from Navy Seals" is written in all black, and "navy seals" is inside a red text box.

Tips For Less Stress – From Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs are an iconic example of resilient people who manage their stress and anxiety. We can also learn their skills…

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Light pink background with flower details on the top left and bottom right corners. At the top, in pink text "Turn a bad day" is written, below is a dark pink circle with "into a" written, and below "better day" is written. From left to right, two photos of girls. First, girl with black hair, sitting on track field, with head on her knees. Below "bad day" is written. Second photo is a girl with long, blonde, curly hair, black sunglasses, yellow straw sunlit, and pink frilly off-the-shoulders top, smiling with open mouth, below "good day" is written.

How to Have A Better Day

We all have bad days. But it’s never too late to switch gears and have a better day.  See our top tips on how to have a better day…

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green background with woman in front. She has long brown hair, circular aviator sunglasses on, and a brown jacket. At the bottom centre there is a yellow oval that has "celebrity happiness hacks" written inside of it.

What Celebrities Do To Be Happy

Do you ever wonder how celebrities keep it all together? They’ve found hacks that help them find more happiness in life…

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Orange background with a girl on the left side, she has long curly brown hair, and is smiling with her eyes closed. To her right, "self love tips" is written with 3 red heart doodles.

Self-Love Tips for Teens

Do you struggle with loving yourself? We are our own worst critics, but we’re amazing individuals who deserve to feel amazing!

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Girl with med-length black hair, in a grey long sleeve shirt, smiling and sitting at a desk with an open laptop, holding a pen in her hand.

How to Be More Productive

Productivity is something we all want to achieve, however it can be really hard to get everything that we…

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Mercedes, co-founder of Small Bits of Happiness standing in a pink, long sleeve top and blue jeans. Behind her, on a chalkboard, two muscle arms are drawn and "3 ways to be more confident" is written in pink.

Confidence Boosters

It’s very common to feel unconfident, and most people, especially teens experience it. Everyone feels this way at times…

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