The Best Playlists for Every Occasion

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Music can help boost your mood, make you more confident, improve your focus, help you chill out and help fall asleep. We’ve found a collection of the best Spotify playlists for every occasion and mood you might be in! From background music to mood boost music, we have the best playlists for 2022.

Also: try making music yourself; maybe use an app or try it on an instrument you already have. Not only is it fun but it also helps offer a sense of mastery and increase self-esteem.

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Whether you need that extra encouragement, are feeling down on yourself, or just want to embrace yourself, this playlist is perfect. Try playing it in the morning, while getting ready, or while walking/driving to school to start your day on a positive note.

Click here for the playlist

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After a long day, put on your headphones, grab a book, and turn on this chill-out playlist. Or, put this playlist on low volume, as background music, to help fall asleep. 

Click here for the playlist

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Need a pick-me-up after a long day? Or maybe just a mood boost in the car? Blast these songs with your window down in the car,  or on a walk with your dog, and know better moments are yet to come. 

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Feeling stressed about studying for a big test? We’ve been there too.  But having a go-to study playlist helps you calm down and helps your brain absorb the information better. Pop your headphones on during study-time and listen to this calm, but still upbeat playlist.

Click here for this playlist

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Do you ever miss those times when you were younger? Our nostalgia playlist is perfect for those moments when you just need some comfort and happy music. This playlist is bound to bring back some of those happy childhood memories. Listen to it while you’re organizing your room, or when you’re bored: put it on and look through old photos on your phone!

Try this playlist or this one

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This chill playlist is ideal for playing all day long, just for background noise & to keep things interesting! Play it with your headphones on, or on the speaker in your room, while you’re doing homework, watching TV, unwinding after a long day, and more. Overall, this playlist of background music is great for any occasion.

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Do you have a long to-do list of things to do?  Lots of chores to complete? A big assignment to finish?  This playlist is a bit more upbeat than the study playlist, making it perfect for listening to while finishing up an assignment, or any time you want the time to go faster, like when you are cleaning the bathroom.

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Let’s not forget the classics. These classical pieces of music are uplifting, and have no words, making them perfect for any occasion.  Try listening to this playlist while eating breakfast or dinner, getting ready for the day or an activity, while feeling anxious, or studying for something (they help boost focus!). This classical playlist will help relax and inspire you to have a better day with their calm, yet uplifting sounds. 

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We hope this list of music inspo helps you find the perfect music for any mood or occasion and gives you a small bit of happiness!


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