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Light pink background with candy canes and hollyberries. In the middle, "Teen Holiday Gift Guide" is written.

Teen Girl Gift Ideas 2023

Our list of the best gifts for 2023 is finally here! Explore teen girl gift ideas, holiday gift ideas, self care gifts, and all the best Christmas gift ideas for teens. Find the perfect holiday gift now…

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Dark background with a yellow full moon, bats, and a haunted manison silhouette in the background. On the right, there is a pumpkin and a gravestone. On the left there is a witch on a broom, a spider, and popcorn. Above, "Must Watch Halloween Movies" is written.

Must Watch Halloween Movies

Need Halloween movie inspiration? Our list of Must-Watch Halloween Movies covers classics, family friendly, and fantasy Halloween Movies. Enjoy a movie and get into the Halloween spirit…

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Three columns of images in the background. On the left, there is a black background with a snow globe, featuring a jack o lantern inside. In the middle there is an orange background with a white statue hand. On the right there is a white background with three black bats. In the middle, "Halloween Decor DIY Ideas" is written.

DIY Halloween Decorations

There’s no better way to get into the Halloween state-of-mind than to decorate your room or home. In this BIT we list our favorite budget-friendly, DIY Halloween decor! Invite some friends over, or ask a sibling or parent to join in DIY fun and have…

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Background of a white counter, with fall treats on it, such as pumpkins, red leaves, and an orange dish containing cinnamon rolls with cream cheese. In the middle, "Fall Treats" is written, with "Simple & delicious" written above.

All The Fall Recipes You Need

Fall is in the air, and with that, it’s time for fall baking. In this BIT, we have compiled our list of all the tastiest, simplest, and most fall-themed baked goods. Make them with a family member, friend, or even on your own – and get a small bit of happiness!

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Pink background with a teen girl in the middle.  She has long, wavy, dirty blonde hair, is wearing a pink tshirt and brown overalls.  The girl is winking and holding her hands in "ok" signs.  On her left, "DIY' is written, with "gift ideas" written in the middle, on a white banner.  In the bottom right corner there is a rainbow.

DIY Gift Ideas

All the DIY gift and craft ideas you’ll need for your loved ones next birthday, a holiday, or just because it gives you a small bit of happiness. From crafts to cards, and baking, this list has it all!

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Dark blue background. On the left, there is a black TV remote and a bowl of popcorn. On the right, "Family Movie Night, What To Watch" is written.

All The Best Family Movies

Family movie night is a perfect way to bond and spend time with your family. Discover our list of the best family movies, featuring funny movies, feel-good movies and more, such as…

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Teen girl with mid-length, straight, blonde hair. She is wearing a grey sweater, and sitting with her knees up on a couch. She's reading a blue book, and above, "The Best Summer Reading List" is written on a pink textbox, with a pink smiley face cartoon in the top left-hand corner.

Our Summer Reading List For Teens

Discover all the best summer books, featuring cliff-hangers and page-turners. Immersive yourself into a whole new world this summer, and…

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Yellow background. On the right there is a tie, and black glasses frames on a yellow table. On the left there is a white page with "Father's Day Gift Ideas for every dad" written on it.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Want the perfect gift for your dad, but don’t have a big budget, or any ideas? Explore our Father’s Day Gift List for all dad’s – price friendly…

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Background filled with TV screens. "Best New & Old TV Shows To Watch" is written.

TV Shows To Watch For A Mood Boost

Want to relax but don’t know what to watch? We’ve compiled all our favorite shows into this ultimate list, including…

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Background with a white table and pink flowers on the left side. On the right, in pink font "Mother's Day Gift Guide" is written.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve got you covered with gifts for every mom. Featuring affordable, and DIY gifts, gifts for fitness moms, always busy moms, moms who love cooking, and…

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White background with Mercedes, CEO and Co-founder of Small Bits of Happiness on the left. She has two braids, and is wearing a yellow top. At the top "Try These Secret Drinks..." is written. Below, there is a mug with coffee beans in it, and at the bottom "Secret Drink Inspirations For Every Mood" written.

Try These Secret Starbucks Drinks Today

Don’t miss out on these secret Starbucks drinks, also applicable to most coffee shops. Ranging from sweet, sour, iced, hot, frappuccino and…

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Teen boy and girl standing together in a bowling alley. The boy is on the left, and he has short, brown hair, is holding a yellow bowling ball, and wearing a white t-shirt, light orange unbuttoned shirt, and circular glasses. The girl has mid-length black hair and bangs, is wearing a colorful striped top, and holding a pink bowling ball. Above her head, "The Ultimate List of Fun Things To Do For Spring Break" is written.

The Ultimate List of Fun Things To Do This Spring Break

The days are getting warmer, and spring break is on approach. Are you bored, or not sure what to do on your break? Explore our ultimate list.

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Turquoise background with three Polaroid pictures in the middle. From left to right, a brown cat eating a pink donut while wearing rainbow heart-shaped glasses and a rainbow unicorn horn, an otter, and a goat. Below the pictures "10 Fun Facts" is written.

Random Fun Facts to Make You Happy

How can you feel happier instantly? These random fun facts are sure to boost your mood! Did you know…

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White bowl of mac and cheese, with "easy comfort food recipes" written on the left, in pink font.

Easy Comfort Food Recipes

We all have those days when we just want to eat something warm and tasty. We’ve compiled a list of easy comfort food to make…

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Women standing in front of Trevi Fountain, wearing white sunglasses, a grey tank top, and a pink scarf in her hair. She is holding a yellow ice cream cone. In front, on a red and green banner, "Italian words to live by" is written.

Italian Words to Live By

Navigating life as teens can be stressful. These Italian words to live by will help you let go of control, feel happier, and stop…

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Light blue background with "Christmas & Hanukkah fun facts" written. On the left side, there are red & gold Christmas decorations. On the right side, there are Hanukkah cookies, a menorah & a yellow dreidel, as well as a blue dreidel.

Hanukkah and Christmas Fun Facts

From our community to yours, we’re wishing you happy holidays. Discover our top 10 fun facts about Christmas and Hanukkah, and…

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Sparkly red background with a mom, who has mid-length brown hair, wearing a Santa hat, white knit sweater, and holding gifts. To her right, it says "Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For Parents". Across from the mom, there is a pile of gifts.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Parents

‘Tis the time of season for last minute gift shopping. Below, we list our top affordable gift ideas for both moms and dads, that…

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Red background, with "teen holiday gift guide 2022" written in the middle. On the right, left, and top, there are festive decorations, including a santa claus, stocking, reindeer, gifts, and a Christmas tree.

Gift Ideas for Teens: Teen Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are approaching, our Teen Holiday Gift Guide features gift ideas for every teen. This includes…

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Brown background with halloween decor, candles, pumpkin, and candy corn on the left and right sides. In the middle "halloween treats" is written in orange glowing letters.

Halloween Food & Treats

We list our favorite Halloween food recipes that are easy to make, and fun to eat. These are perfect for a party, pre-trick-or-treating, or to share with friends.

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Dark blue background with "teen guide to Halloween movies" written at the top. Below, there is a full moon rising out of the ground, and a silhouette of a zombie hand coming out of the ground, a graveyard and trees.

Teen Guide to The Best Halloween Movies

The spooky season is officially here. See below our must-watch list of spooky, funny, classic, and overall, the best Halloween movies. 

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Fall leaves in background with a white textbox in the middle with "ultimate fall fun list for teens" written inside. At the bottom right corner of the textbox there is a brown dot with "top 15" written inside.

The Ultimate List of Fun Things To Do This Fall

Featuring: Halloween activities, fun things to do with friends, and…

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Pan with multiple iced cinnamon rolls in it.  On the right, there is a light brown rectangle with "quick & easy desserts" written.

Easy Desserts For Teens

Eating dessert gives us a small bit of happiness.  Below we list our top easy desserts for teens – quick to make & tasty…

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Pink and blue watercolor background with cartoon flower drawings. At the bottom left corner in a teen girl, with black hair. Her mouth is covered by a white book, and her eyes are looking upwards. To her right, "top Ya books for teens" is written.

Our Top YA Books For Teens

Good books give us a small bit of happiness. Need book ideas for teenagers? Check out our list of Top YA Books for Teens…

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Light pink background with teen girl on the right. She has blonde hair, wearing a white tank top, smiling, and holding a glass of orange juice. In front of her, is a white table with a cereal bowl, orange slices, and coffee mugs. On the left side "back to school meal ideas" written in yellow and white text.

Easy Back to School Meals

Back to school comes with a big shift from our summer schedule. Below we list our favorite back to school meals – plus snacks…

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4 teen girls walking together, laughing. Starting on the left she has long, curly brown hair, jeans, yellow striped t-shirt, next the girl has short black hair, green pants and a lilac top, next the girl has large black hair, a denim skirt, long sleeve red top, finally the girl on the right has brown hair, a blue tank top, and jeans. At the bottom centre, "things to do with friends" is written in a light yellow text box.

Fun Things To Do With Friends

Hanging out with friends is fun! See our list on things to do together – in any setting – outside, at home…

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Blue pool water with an orange floatie. In the middle a white box holds the writing "ultimate summer fun list for teens" and on bottom right corner there is a black circle with "top ten" written in it.

The Ultimate Summer Fun List

Summer is officially here! We’ve brainstormed some fun summer list ideas, to keep you busy…

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A neon yellow background with a yellow statue wearing sunglasses, headphones, and blowing bubble gum. In glowing red and yellow letters "the best music playlists for every occasion" is written on the top left, and bottom right corners.

The Best Playlists for Every Occasion

 We’ve found a collection of the best Spotify playlists for every occasion and mood you might be in! From mood boost music to…

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A white background with "I heart dad gift ideas" written. In Between the I and Dad is a red heart. red shoes stick up at the bottom of the picture.

Father’s Day Gifts 2022

Nine great & easy gift ideas to get our dad’s for Father’s Day. Ranging from completely free to fairly inexpensive…

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People's hands coming up at the bottom, each holding different objects, a soccer ball, a book, a pencil, a paintbrush, headphones, a ukulele, binoculars, a cooking tool, a camera, and a radio. At the top, in bold blue letters it says "looking for a new hobby?"

Hobbies for Teens

Do you ever wonder what to do with free time? Check out this list of easy and fun hobbies and teen activities…

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Girl in yellow sweater and brown long hair, standing in front of pink background with a confused look on her face and her hands in a shrug

Quick Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. These easy to cook, and tasty to eat meals are sure to…

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Anastasia, co-founder of Small Bits of Happiness, wearing bright yellow top, she has long blonde curly hair and is wearing a pink sleep mask on her forehead.

Top 3 Best Sleep Masks

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or want to know how to have less puffy eyes in the morning? 

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black apple TV remote being held in front of blurred out TV screen

What Should I Watch to Feel Happy?

Having a bad or stressful day? One of our personal favourite things to do is watch a good…

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