DIY Gift Ideas

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In this BIT: All the DIY gift ideas and craft ideas you’ll need for your loved ones next birthday, a holiday, or just because it gives you a small bit of happiness.

Creating a DIY gift for someone not only gives you a small bit of happiness (click here to discover why making art brings you happiness), but it also makes the gift even more meaningful. Your gift becomes more meaningful, due to the fact that you put more of your time and effort into creating it. Additionally, you’ll de-stress, can channel your emotions and creativity into a project, and customize the gift to the person you’re gifting. Below, we share a variety of DIY gift ideas and craft ideas, tips on elevating your handmade cards, and recipes for delicious homemade treats.

On the left, a clay cow plate being painted, it is on top of a brown table.  On the right, pink coffee filter flowers with green pipe cleaner stems, in a mason jar, with a white background
Credit: Left: ohlorilol on Tiktok, Right: OhLittleProject.com


Clay Plate: Make a cute design out of clay! Any shape works – make it into an animal, food, or even a flower. These plates are perfect for jewellery, a pet waterbowl, or even a dessert plate.

Flowers: These easy flowers are made from coffee filters, and make for a perfect and beautiful gift for your mom, grandma, or anyone who loves flowers. The best part is – they’re no maintenance and don’t die. Make these different colors, or create a full bouquet.


A Drawing: Elevate your handmade card by adding a quick and cute drawing. This could be of the gift recipient’s favorite food, movie character, or animal – even play off of an inside joke you two share. Try Draw So Cute on YouTube, their tutorials are easy to follow, and their drawings are absolutely adorable.

Shapes: The classic shape of a card is an easy go-to, but try different shapes! Maybe add rounded edges, make your card circular, or make the exterior look similar to that of a movie character.

On top, a Draw So Cute cupcake.  The cupcake on the right is black & white, the cupcake on the left is colored in.  The cupcake has two eyes, 1 candle, and two hearts above it.  On the bottom, a yellow minion card with blue overalls.
Credit: Top: Draw So Cute, Bottom: The Craft Train
Credit: Left: TheNoviceChefBlog.com, Right: PureWow.com


Salted Caramel Cookies: These cookies are soft, sweet and delicious. A must for any dessert-lover. Cookies are simple to make in big qualities (you can keep some for yourself!) and very enjoyable to eat.

Easy Lemon Bars: Simple, classic, tangy, and tasty. Lemon bars are a wonderful gift for any person who doesn’t have a massive sweet tooth, but still loves treats.

We hope that you make one of these DIY gift ideas and craft ideas for the next birthday, celebration, or special day that you attend, and get a small bit of happiness in doing something nice for another person.


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