The Ultimate List of Fun Things To Do This Summer

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Summer is officially here! We’ve brainstormed some fun summer list ideas, to keep you busy and bring you small bits of happiness throughout the next few months. Our list of fun things to do this summer includes many things to do with your friends, as well as some free activities, perfect for any day. Aim to spend less time on your phone and enjoy this season because before we know it we will have to go back to school. Just remember, don’t forget your sunscreen!

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1. Have a Picnic: An easy, fun and free thing to do this summer is to have a picnic with your friends. Plan a picnic in a park (or even someone’s yard) and bring a blanket, some sandwiches, fruit and enjoy some sun.  

2. Have a Fire: Have a backyard fire and enjoy some s’mores and good conversation with friends. 

3. Go the the Pool/Beach: Find an outdoor pool or beach and go there for an afternoon. If the space allows, bring a volleyball and play, no net is needed, its just for fun. 

4. Get Starbucks: Go with friends to a coffee shop (i.e Starbucks) and sit outside with your beverage. If there are no tables available, sit on the grass nearby and just talk!

5. Go to an Amusement Park: Take a friend and go on rides, play games, and eat some yummy food!

6. Bike Ride: Go for a bike ride. 

7. Go Camping: Go camping or set up a tent in your yard and watch the stars at night. 

8. Go on a Walk or Hike: Head out and do some hiking or go on a walk around the block. Go with your dog, sibling or bring a friend. If no-one’s available, or you need some alone time, take your headphones with you and listen to one of our favourite playlists, or to your favourite podcast.

9. Sleep In: Let yourself sleep in. Close your curtains, wear some comfy pyjamas, and just let yourself rest. It’s been a long school year.

10. Take Up Gardening: Plant some flowers and herbs in pots and enjoy them all season long. You can even grow some yummy fruits and then enjoy them as a snack.

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A collage of photos, from left to right: 4 kids on an amusement park ride with their hair flying in the wind, a tent beneath the night sky by a lake, on the top right kids playing with pool floaties and one girl sitting on a unicorn pool float, and on bottom right two watermelons next to a picnic basket and water glasses.

We hope this list of summer fun ideas inspires you to enjoy the summer and gives you a small bit of happiness. 


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