Fun Things To Do With Friends

4 teen girls walking together, laughing.  Starting on the left she has long, curly brown hair, jeans, yellow striped t-shirt, next the girl has short black hair, green pants and a lilac top, next the girl has large black hair, a denim skirt, long sleeve red top, finally the girl on the right has brown hair, a blue tank top, and jeans.  At the bottom centre, "things to do with friends" is written in a light yellow text box.

Hanging out with friends is fun and gives us all a small (or even a big) bit of happiness. But sometimes, we really just don’t know what to do together.  Changing up and doing new things makes hanging out more fun, and experiencing new things will give you and your friends a small bit of happiness.  Below we list our top favorite teenager activities and things to do with friends – in any setting – outside, at home, or at a fun place.

3 girls, one with brown curly hair in a ponytail, one with straight blonde hair, and one with straight brown hair, sitting together, facing a TV, with scared expressions on their face. The middle girl, with blonde hair, is eating popcorn.


Play charades:  Play with cards, or try online!

Have a movie night: Order or make pizza, get a yummy treat (such as ice cream or popcorn), and watch a good movie together.  If you are stuck for movie ideas, here is a list of fun movies to watch with your friend. 

– Bake: Find a good recipe online, and make it together, then enjoy.  Share leftovers with your family or neighbours. 

– Have a bake-off:  Choose a category (for example tropical desserts, or Christmas cookies) and see who can make the best treat!  Then get a parent or sibling to taste-test, or be the judges yourself. 

Make some crafts:  Together make DIY candles, bath bombs, paint, sketch, or even paper mache. 


Campfire (with the help of an adult): Make s’mores, tell spooky stories, and just chat by the fire.

Go biking: Bike to a nearby park or playground, or just around your neighbourhood.

Play a sport: Depending on the equipment you have, you could try badminton, basketball, soccer, baseball, or anything else you enjoy.

Walk your dog(s): If your friend has a dog, invite them to bring it too! Walk your dogs together while talking. Or go to an off leash park and watch the dogs play together. 

Go to the beach or lake: Bring a speaker and listen to music together on the beach while enjoying the sun.  Go swimming, jump in waves, paddle-board, play some beach volleyball, surf, look for shells, or go on a walk by the water. 

Kids kicking a soccer ball on green grass.
Two teen girls at an amusement park.  The girl on the left has darker skin, a white tank top, black hair, and is smiling.  The girl on the right has long, brown, curly hair, is smiling, and wearing a pink t-shirt.  The girl with brown hair is pointing forward and both girls are looking to where she is pointing.

Fun Place

Go to an amusement park or fair: Get some yummy food, play games, and enjoy the rides!

Volunteer: Get that feel-good feeling of helping someone AND being with a friend! Volunteer at a library, dog shelter, or another organization.

Go to see a movie: Go to the theatre and watch a new movie together.

Make artwork: Take an art class together.

Zoo: Visit the local zoo with your friend, and relive childhood memories while seeing all the animals.

Escape room: Take one of these fun challenges with your friend.

We hope that this list of fun things to do with friends gives you and your friend a small bit of happiness. 


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