Want A Good Start To The Day? Try This

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In this BIT: Tips for tired teens to have a good start to their day, including unique hacks, motivational quotes, and teen-approved playlists.

Are you a tired teen all throughout the day? Starting our mornings off in a positive way can really increase our odds of having a more positive day.  Try adding these hacks into your morning routine to feel happier in those early hours, experience a good start to the day, and feel happy all day.  On a side note, these morning hacks are not only super easy, but they’re easy to do while getting ready, so no need to wake up any earlier!

1. Ask Yourself

While you are getting ready, ask yourself, what am I excited for today? This does NOT need to be anything huge!  Maybe you are excited for phys-ed at school,  seeing your friends, sport practice after school, eating your favorite dinner, petting your dog or cat, or even watching some TikTok or a show with your family. Just think of something that you’re excited for happening later today.  Throughout the day, remember this is coming up; and feel a small bit of happiness in that knowledge. 

2. Listen to Music

What do you dread doing in the morning?  Is it brushing your teeth?  Making your bed?  Picking out your clothes?  Put your headphones or earphones in, and listen to your favorite album or playlist.  This will not only boost your mood, release dopamine (a happiness hormone), and wake you up; but it’ll also make those early morning chores and activities fly in no time! Check out our favorite free morning playlist. 

3. Read a Motivational Quote Before Heading Out For The Day

Small Bits Matter. When we take a minute or two out of our morning to motivate or inspire ourselves, we can feel happier throughout the day.  While eating breakfast, before you leave for work/school, while in the car or bus, look over some quotes.   If you feel down or stressed during the day, remember these words of wisdom.  Don’t know where to find motivational quotes?  Follow our Instagram for daily happiness (including quotes), and explore our Happiness Quotes, here. 

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Try adding these habits into your morning routine for a good start to the day and more small bits of happiness throughout. 


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