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Halloween is quickly approaching!  Aside from collecting and eating candy plus dressing-up, one of the best parts of this holiday is the spooky, yet tasty food!  Below we list our favorite Halloween food recipes that are easy to make, and fun to eat.  Try making these as Halloween party snacks, to eat pre-trick-or-treating, or even to bring to school to share with your friends.  

6 rice krispies decorated as frankenstein.
Credit: momdot.com


Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats: These classic treats become extra fun when you decorate them as Frankenstein. 

Candy Apples: Make these with your friends (each person can decorate their own), or pre-make and enjoy them together at a party.

Ghost S’mores Dip: A 3-step-snack that’ll give you a small bit of happiness every time you dip into it. Hack: use a graham cracker as your ‘dipper’.


Halloween Layered Dip: This dip combines all the good dips: guacamole, salsa and sour cream.  Throw in some spooky garnishing and you’ve got the perfect Halloween dip.

Mummy Hot Dogs:  Super simple to make, and bonus; they include melted cheese.

Halloween Trail Mix:  All the best snacks: sweet and savory – in one bowl.

8 hotdogs wrapped in puff pasty with eyeballs on plate.
Credit: The Recipe Critic

We hope that making and eating these tasty Halloween party snacks gives you a small bit of happiness. 


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