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People's hands coming up at the bottom, each holding different objects, a soccer ball, a book, a pencil, a paintbrush, headphones, a ukulele, binoculars, a cooking tool, a camera, and a radio. At the top, in bold blue letters it says "looking for a new hobby?"

Do you ever wonder what to do with your free time? We came up with some easy and fun suggestions of hobbies for teens & other things to try to fill your free time during the week with enjoyable activities. 

Pick a topic that resonates with you, and see some of our top suggestions:


– Book Club: make one with your friends or join a community. Look into your local library for organized book clubs. 

– Library visit: spend some calm time reading your favorite books in a quiet space.

– Sit or lay somewhere comfortable, and just read!

– Try a new type of book: If you love fiction, try non-fiction, or vice versa. Also, explore a new genre, like adventure, mystery, comedy, comic books, fantasy, historical fiction, or even travel.


A brown book, lying on a brown table.  The books pages are standing upright to form a heart.
A bright yellow background with two kids standing in front of it.  One girl, has dark skin, curly brown hair. is wearing all black with a yellow leather jacket, she is holding a mic stand and singing.  To her right is a young boy, with blonde hair, light skin, wearing all black, he is holding and playing a guitar.


– Try a new instrument like the piano, or guitar or perhaps join a school band.

– Play around on GarageBand.

– Start a band with your friends.

– Sign-up for music instrument lessons or join a club.


– Drama or musical theater: sign-up at school if they have an after school program or join an after school program.

– Animation: look at online animation courses or YouTube tutorials.

– Paint: Find inspiration in your house, or in nature, and try a different style. Look at the art of famous artists and try painting in their style.

– Draw: take a drawing class, or watch a tutorial on YouTube.

– Photography: take photos of your friends, or objects in your house, and neighbourhood. Look up tutorials on photo-taking and editing tips on YouTube or other platforms.

– Writing: take some time and start writing or join a writing club. Look at free writing workshops at your local library. 

– Make some jewelry for yourself or friends. Again, lots of fun tutorials exist on Youtube.

Colourful paint splattered all over a white background, with pencil crayons and open paint scattered as well.  Two hands hold a paintbrush.
Teenagers lined up, racing right, with badminton rackets.  A female instructor in a green shirt, and blonde hair in a ponytail, smiles at them.


– Dance, join a club or dance studio, or even just have some fun with friends. There is tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, really so many types of dance programs.

– Look into what your local YMCA is offering.

– Sign-up for a soccer team.

– Join a school team for track and field, badminton, basketball or another sport.

– Try tennis lessons.


– Visit a museum or art gallery.

– Read about a famous painter such as Picasso and learn what inspired them.

– Learn about a famous person who interests and inspires you, such as Elon Musk or Zendaya.

– Historic buildings: architecture is an art, explore and read about it, especially something local to you.

– Invite a friend to hangout! Go to the mall, the park, Starbucks, get ice cream, or even just go over to their house.

3 people holding together 3 ice cream cones

We hope that this list of hobbies for summer gives you a small bit of happiness and inspires you to try something new!


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