How To Be Motivated

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In this BIT: Our top advice and motivation tips on how to be motivated, how to get things done, and overall, how you can reach your goals.

We all lead busy lives. Whether it’s work, school, chores, extracurriculars, or even maintaining relationships with family and friends – it all takes time and keeps us busy! Even the most motivated of people can sometimes struggle to keep up with the constant flow of demand that comes with life. No matter what our goal is, and where we are in our journey of life, staying motivated is essential. In this BITS post, we’re sharing our top advice on how to feel motivated, and genuinely want to pursue our goals.  

1. Know Your WHY

Understanding why you want to do something is key to feeling motivated in pursuing our goals. Think about your biggest goals that you want to accomplish in your life, whether it be personal, physical, academic, or beyond. Next, ask yourself WHY you want to pursue these goals.  Is it because accomplishing this will open more doors and opportunities? Will this help you build your skills? Will it bring you happiness? This is important, write down your WHY!  The next time you’re feeling unmotivated, remember your why.  When you have a strong and meaningful ‘why’, you’re more likely to stay motivated during challenging times. 

2. Celebrate the Small Wins

Whenever you make progress, or hit a milestone, CELEBRATE! Tell your family or close friends! They will understand your happiness and celebrate with you.  Also, treat yourself to some ice cream, go watch a movie, make plans with a friend, or take a bike ride through your neighborhood. It’s important to celebrate our small wins, and reward ourselves. Alternatively, if we wait until we accomplish something ‘major’, our goals will seem unattainable. At some point, we may begin to feel as though nothing will ever be ‘major’ enough to celebrate. When we celebrate the small wins, the progress in between the starting up at the beginning, and reaching the end goal, is filled with many bits of success and is far more attainable. 

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3. Break Down Goals

Oftentimes, we start off with a big goal in mind. Perhaps we want to win nationals in our sport of choice, ace our final exams, or even convince our parents to adopt a dog. Regardless of what our goal is, it can seem too daunting and hard to achieve, and it’s far easier to lose motivation. So, break your goals down into smaller steps! This will not only make it easier for you to celebrate your small wins, but it’ll also show you your progress. Perhaps make it a goal to win your upcoming sports game, do well on your upcoming quiz, or show your parents your responsibility skills.  

We hope that these motivation tips help you reach your goals, therefore giving you a small bit of happiness.


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