How to Be More Productive

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Productivity is something we all want to achieve, however it can be really hard to get everything that we want done in a day. Today, we have listed three easy ways on how to be more productive. Hopefully these tips will help you with time management, help you get more work done, and feel less stressed. 

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1. Take breaks

One of our favourite productivity hacks is taking breaks. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking breaks really works. Try scheduling how long you’ll work, and then take a break, just make sure the break doesn’t take too long. For example, work for twenty minutes, and then take a break for five. During your break move around, grab a snack, or if you have a dog, schedule a longer break and go on a walk with your pup.  Having breaks and moving your body increases blood flow clearing your mind, and energizes you to do better work once the break is over. 

2. Look at cute animal pictures

Believe it or not, looking at cute animal pictures can actually increase your attention span and your productivity. A Japanese study carefully observed how people performed after looking at cuddly animal pictures.  They noticed that people completed tasks more carefully after looking at these pictures.  Try it for yourself! So if you ever wonder how to be a more productive teenager, look at cute animal pictures!

Small hedgehog sitting on curb
Small hedgehog

3. Get some sunlight

Did you know that getting more natural light can boost your productivity? It triggers serotonin in your brain, which makes you feel happier and calmer.  Serotonin also improves your focus, helping you be productive.

 (ps. I’m working in sunlight right now!)

We hope that these time management tips and productivity hacks help you get more done in a day and give you a Small Bit of Happiness.

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