How to Get Over Awkward Moments

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In this BIT: Our top teen-approved tips on how to get over awkward moments, stop feeling embarrassed, and be less awkward.

We’ve all been there, we do something embarrassing, and then for hours or even days we relive that awkward moment. The worst part is, when we relive these awkward moments, all those stressful feelings come rushing back to us.  How can we stop ourselves from continuously re-living awkward moments? This BIT holds all the answers! 

1. Reframe

Instead of consistently associating this experience with emotions of stress and embarrassment, look for what you have learned. Tell yourself that you won’t repeat {whatever led to the awkward moment}, and feel good about the fact that you’ve learned something, and won’t do it again.

2. Would You Judge?

If a friend or peer had the same or awkward moment, would you hold it against them?  Unlikely, because we all make mistakes and live through embarrassing moments. If you’re worried about what your friends think of you after something embarrassing happens, put yourself in their shoes, and keep in mind that a true friend wouldn’t judge you based on one silly event. If you are concerned about what other people think about a certain incident, remember that most people are too centered on their own lives, to think too much about your life. If something awkward happens at a public place, remember that there is also the possibility that you and these strangers will never see each other again. 

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3. Talk to A Friend

If you feel comfortable, talk to a friend about your recent awkward moment. This can help you see the situation from their perspective, realize how much ‘less’ of a deal it is, and get their advice. Try to laugh about the situation together!   

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We hope that this advice helps you leave your awkward moments in the past, stop feeling embarrassed, and get a small bit of happiness.


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