How to Have A Better Morning

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School mornings can be stressful. Starting our day off on a positive note is very important. A good morning allows us to have a better mindset for the day.  Nevertheless, mornings can be stressful. There’s a rush to get everything done, get ready, and make it out of the door in time for school.  So, how can we do everything that needs to be done, feel happier in the morning, and feel good about the day?  Below, we list our top school morning routine tips on how to have a better morning.

1. Don’t Look At Your Phone Right Away

It might seem impossible not to look at your phone as soon as you roll out of bed. We all do it sometimes! But when you look at your phone so early on, you’re often allowing yourself to become distracted, or even stressed.  Although it is tempting to check who has texted us, see new posts on Instagram, and scroll through TikTok, it’s taking up time. This leads us to have less time to get ready, and that leads us to be stressed. Leave checking your phone as a little ‘reward’ for after you’ve finished getting ready and have a positive mindset for the day.

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2. Have A “Getting Ready” Order

It helps to have a specific order to get ready in the morning.  When we wake up, we’re tired, and it’s way easier if we have a routine. This way, we don’t need to think through every step of getting ready… plus it gets us to class on time. Click here for a quick YouTube video on how to create the ultimate (easy) morning routine. 

3. Do Something That Gives You A Small Bit of Happiness

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, do something that makes you feel happy.  Side note: only do this once you’re ready for the day. Perhaps watch a few minutes of a TV show, read a few pages of your current book, maybe play with your pet, listen to music or finally look at your phone and watch a few minutes of TikTok.  No matter what it is, big or small, do something that makes you feel just a bit happier in the mornings.

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Want to see how to make the ULTIMATE morning routine? Check out our short YouTube video!

We hope that these tips help you start your day off on a positive note, and add a small bit of happiness into your day. 


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