How to Have An At-Home DIY Spa Day

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In this BIT: Need some ideas for your next weekend activity? Find out how to relax with our guide to the best DIY spa day, filled with must-do spa day ideas.

We all know the importance of downtime (P.S, if you don’t, click here).  However sometimes we are stuck for an idea of how to best relax after a long day or week. One of our go-to downtime activities is an at-home DIY spa experience. Not only is an at-home spa day budget friendly but it’s also the perfect way to unwind, refresh, and recharge. Spa activities are fun to do alone, with a friend, or a family member.  This isn’t to say that you need to transform your home into a wellness retreat, even just putting on a face mask or painting your nails can be enough to relax and feel those good ‘self care vibes’. In this BIT we share the best ways to have your at-home spa day, ranging from simple to more luxurious, and things to do alone, with a close friend, or family member. 

Things You’ll Need

Some of the things you’ll want on hand for any DIY spa (whether you’re keeping things casual or going all out) include:


Encapsulating the atmosphere of a spa is a very important first step in setting up your at-home spa. Consider:

  • A quiet & clutter-free space (i.e your room or bathroom)
  • Dim the lights/use soft lighting 
  • Use candles (but be cautious!) or a room spray
  • Play calming music (try this playlist)
  • Comfy seating (on your bed or cushions)
  • Be comfy (wear your favorite sweats and grab a fuzzy blanket)
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Spa Day Ideas

Invite a friend or family member to join you! Together, wear comfy clothes, make DIY bath bombs or body scrubs, put on a face mask and watch a funny movie while unwinding, relaxing and having a fun time together. 

On another day, use that bath bomb or scrub that you made together. 

Another idea is to put some of your favorite music on (try this playlist) and take some time to paint your own nails!

Another idea is to try an Invigorating Aromatherapy Shower.  This is especially great if you’re not big on baths. Rather than taking a bath or regular shower, try this spa-like twist.  Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil near the edges of shower walls (away from spraying water) to make the shower smell good, boost your energy, clear your mind, and help you relax. 

Consider turning the water from hot to cold and back again for 30 seconds at a time. This spa experience increases endorphins (happy hormones) and elevates our mood. Don’t forget to soothe your skin with your favorite body lotion

Finish It Off…

Finish your spa day relaxing in your room with a good book or a magazine. Sleep is one of the best things we can do for our bodies and is one of the easiest self-care activities. Here are a few tips to make the most of your sleep.

  1. Spray your room and pillow with lavender essential oil spray.
  2. Turn down the temperature in your room or open a window a little if it’s not too cold outside. 
  3. Slip under the covers with a book or a magazine. 
  4. Try adding a weighted blanket to your bedtime routine.  These have been shown to help sleep by giving the illusion of experiencing a big hug, hence calming our nerves and increasing serotonin. 
  5. Use a silk eye mask during sleep. It will feel luxurious on your eyes, it will block excess light, and since it is a natural material it will not suck up moisture from your skin and lets your skin breath. 
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Turn down the temperature in your room, read a book,
 add a heavy blanket,
Use a silk eye mask during sleep" written.

We hope that you try these tips and give yourself an at-home spa day, and get a small bit of happiness in taking time to unwind


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