How to Like Your Body

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Negative body image among teens is real.  As teens, our bodies are constantly changing, and it can be hard to always be happy with how we look. You are not alone.  However, we only get one body and one life to live, so let’s learn to like it, and have more happiness everyday.  Below, we list our top tips on to how to like your body.  These are easy to do and can truly help you find ways to like yourself just as you are. 

In this BIT: We share our tips, for teens by teens, on how to like your body, what to wear on bad body image days, and overall; how to have a better body image.

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1. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Good

As teenagers, we want to be cool and on trend, and that includes wearing trendy clothes.  However, not all clothes are made to look good on every body type. Many trendy clothing items can be quite unflattering, making us feel insecure.  In life we face many daily challenges, don’t let your clothes be one of them!  Instead of wearing trendy clothes, or the clothes that all your friends are wearing, try wearing things that make you feel good, and confident.  If you’re worried your friends will judge you for wearing certain clothes, remember that good friends care more about who you are on the inside, rather than the clothes you wear.  How you feel about you is the most important!  

If you don’t know what types of clothes will make you feel confident, and flatter your body, check out this link for clothing suggestions based on body type! These are really helpful to wear, especially on bad body image days.

2. Be Active

Doing healthy amounts of exercise releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones.  We spend a lot of time sitting, whether it’s in school, in a bus or car, or just relaxing.  To balance this out, it’s important for our bodies to move!  Also, when you’re being active, it allows for a break from social media, and the constant game of comparison.  While you’re exercising, take a moment and appreciate your body for what it can do; your strong arms, resilient legs, and tough mindset.  You don’t need expensive extracurricular programs to be active.  Sign up for a school or club sports team, go for a run around your neighbourhood, or even try a few YouTube workouts. 

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3. Your Body Changes

Keep in mind that your body changes on a day-by-day basis.  Different factors can result in you being bloated, retaining water, or breaking out.  Even our stress levels can affect how we perceive ourselves!  Some days, you might look in the mirror and feel great about your body, whereas other days, you might feel not-so-great.  On the days where you get that “not-so-great” feeling, keep in mind that it’s highly unlikely your body has dramatically changed overnight.  It is absolutely normal for your body to fluctuate a little bit!  Think back, have you been stressed lately?  Eaten a lot of salty or sugary foods?  Don’t be too hard on yourself, and remember that your body is beautiful, strong and amazing; it has kept you alive from the moment you were born to this very moment, with no breaks. 

Check out our quick YouTube video for more body image advice:

We hope that these tips help you feel better about your body, and give you a small bit of happiness.


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