How to Organize Your Room: For Teens

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In this BIT: See our top tips for teens on how to organize your room. This post features organization tips for teens, the best ways to organize, and the answer to your all-time favorite question, “how to organize quickly”?

We’ve all been there, a messy room, and no motivation to clean it up.  We get it!  But, not only does a tidy and organized room make our parents happy, but it also calms us, reduces anxiety  and can even increase sleep quality.  Hold on…we know what you’re thinking: there’s so many other things I could be doing instead of organizing my room, it takes forever, and is boring. Again, we get it!  Keep reading for easy hacks on how to organize your room, unlock those benefits, and feel good – all in little time. 

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1. Five-Minute Rule

To start things off, we’re sharing our favorite time saving tip. To motivate yourself to organize as much as you can in as little time as possible, simply set a five minute timer.  In those five minutes, try to organize as much as you can: put clothes away, make your bed, tidy your desk etc.  Once those five minutes are over look over your room and evaluate, then consider setting another five minute timer.  This hack works because not only does it ensure you won’t spend hours organizing (who would want that!?).  But by setting a timer and committing yourself to organizing for just a few minutes at a time, you eliminate distractions (ahem, TikTok). 

2. As You Go

As you go along your day, using things, changing your clothes, and doing homework, don’t leave anything lying around.  As soon as you’re done using something (i.e picking out which t-shirt you’re going to wear), put it away.  This way, you won’t have to bulk organize later, and you’ll keep an organized room all throughout the day. 

Teen girl wearing a white shirt, with long, brown hair, in a ponytail is looking at clothes in the mirror.  She is holding a shirt up to herself, and there is a collection of shirts on her bed, along with a white paper bag.
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3. Bins & Baskets

Have too much stuff?  Can’t get rid of it because it’s still important?  We’ve got your back.  Organize quickly by investing in some cute bins and baskets to store extra items such as clothes, stationary, makeup, or perfume.  This way, you can store those extra things clutter free.  It’s a win!  Click here for a selection of bins and baskets on Amazon. 

We hope that you put these simple and time-friendly organization tips for teens to the test, and get a small bit of happiness in your room. 


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