How to Stop Caring What Others Think

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As teens, we care so much about what our friends, classmates, teammates and peers think of us. We are trying to find who we are, and at the same time we want to be accepted and liked. However, learning how to stop caring what others think (which can be especially hard in high school and middle school) helps us find ourselves, good friends and it is actually easier than you think. Below we share our top friend advice to you on how to stop caring what others think.

1. Let it Go

We can only control so much.  Focus on what you can control and let everything else slide.  When you find yourself stressed about something; like someone judging you for your outfit, something you accidentally said, or messing up in gym class, ask yourself: is this really that important? How can you stop being judged? Remember that we can’t change or control what happened in the past, what someone thinks, or how they might react, so why waste our time and energy worrying about it?  Judgemental people will always find something to judge, no matter how careful you are.

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2. You Can’t Be Best Friends with Everyone

Are you the type of person that wants everyone to like them? Although it may be difficult to accept, one of the most important back to school tips (and things to remember in general) is that it’s impossible to be friends with everyone, so don’t push too hard to be liked by each and every person.  There are eight billion people in the world, all of them don’t have a single favorite food (yes, really, not everyone adores chocolate), and similarly not everyone looks for the same qualities in a friend.  Try your best to accept that not everyone will like you, or be your friend, and that’s ok, there are people out there that will accept you for you. 

3. Invisible Shield

When someone is judging you, you have the control of whether that negative comment, glare, or anything else gets to you or not.  So, how to stop being judged? Its up to you, and this is our top tip! Think of yourself as a superhero with an invisible shield. The negative comments are balls, but they just bounce off you and don’t hurt you when your shield is on. This technique is actually practiced by many sports athletes who don’t want to be intimidated by their opponents in a game, and this way they perform their best. So, just because someone says something mean about you, or to you, has a different opinion, or gives you a judgemental look, you don’t have to let it get to you.

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The next time you feel worried about what others are thinking: remember these three tips.   

We hope that these three tips help you feel more confident in yourself, not care what others think, and give you a small bit of happiness.


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