Last Minute Gift Ideas for Parents

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Discover the best gifts for mom and dad in this BITS post.

‘Tis the time of season for last minute gift shopping.  It can be a challenge to figure out affordable gifts for parents during the holidays – especially because as teens, we have limited budgets.  Below, we list our top affordable gift ideas for both moms and dads, that are sure to give them a small bit of happiness this holiday season. 

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In this BIT: Discover the best affordable gifts for mom and dad.

$25 and Less

1. Snow Dragon Lush Set

Lush Snow Dragon Gift Set
Credit: Lush

2. YETI Rambler 295mL Tumbler

White YETI Tumbler
Credit: YETI

3. Ultimate Step-By-Step Smoker Cookbook

"The Ultimate Step-By-Step Smoker Cookbook Real BBQ" by Will Budiaman.
Credit: Thriftbooks.com/Will Budiaman

4. Merino Wool Golf Ankle Socks

Bombas golf ankle socks.
Credit: Bombas

5. Glossed Lip Gloss – Sephora Collection

Sephora Lipgloss
Credit: Sephora

6. Zulay Original Milk Frother

Zulay Kitchen milk frother in packaging with a red ribbon, displaying all the colors.
Credit: Amazon/Zulay Kitchen

Gifts For The Parent That Loves Fitness

1. LifeStraw: for hiking

Credit: Amazon/LifeStraw

2. Massage Device

Cotsoco massage device on the right, and on the left all the different heads and and packaging available.
Credit: Amazon/cotsoco

3. Dumbbell Heart & Dangle Charm

Pandora dumbbell heart & dangle charm.
Credit: Pandora

4. Gloves: for jogging or running

Dark blue Rei gloves
Credit: Rei

5. Everywhere Belt Bag

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag in White Opal
Credit: Lululemon

6. Yoga Mat

green yoga mat
Credit: Amazon/BalanceFrom

Gifts For The Parent That Loves Tech

1. Apple AirTag

Apple Airtag
Credit: Apple

2. Bellroy Tech Kit Zip Pouch

Bellroy tech kit open, with cables, apple pen, and other devices organized.
Credit: Amazon/Bellroy Store

3. Waterbottle with Hidden Compartment

Blue Bindle water bottle, with bottom compartment open, showing credit card and car keys inside.  Airpods are next to the water bottle.
Credit: Amazon/Bindle

4. Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation

JALL Wake up light digital alarm clock.
Credit: Amazon/JALL

5. Desk Coffee Mug Warmer

Waiyree Coffee mug warmer for desk.
Credit: Amazon/Waiyree

6. Power Bank for iPhone

iWalk portable charger being plugged into a phone
Credit: Amazon/iWalk Store

Gifts For The Parent That Loves to Cook

1. DASH Mini Donut Maker

DASH mini donut maker, open with 7 donuts inside.  The dimensions are labelled on the sides, and in the top right-hand corner there is a little red bubble with "includes recipe guide with savoury and sweet recipes!" written inside.
Credit: Amazon/DASH

2. Kitchen Gizmo Snap ‘N Strain

Kitchen Gizmo's Snap 'N Strain red strainer being used to strain fruits, pasta, veggies and potatoes.  Photo is divided into four sections, each displaying one of the foods being strained.
Credit: Amazon/Kitchen Gizmo

3. Sushi Making Kit

AVAOQIANG sushi making kit.  Displayed is the box, bamboo mats, bamboo chopsticks, paddle, spreader, chopsticks holder, cotton bag, and an avocado tool.
Credit: Amazon/AYAOQIANG

4. Williams Sonoma Oven Mitt

Dark blue Williams Sonoma oven mitt.
Credit: Williams Sonoma

5. Sweet & Salty Holiday Box

Pink giftbox in front of a grey background, with 5 bags of "Legally Addictive Foods".  From left to right, "salted gingerbread, peppermint crunch, suprise, the o.g, and churros."
Credit: Legally Addictive Foods

6. A Cookbook for Movie Lovers

"Eat What You Watch" cookbook by Andrew Rea
Credit: Amazon/Andrew Rea

We hope that these gifts give your parent a small bit of happiness, giving you a small bit of happiness as well.


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