Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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In this BIT: In this BITS post, we’ve got you covered with gifts for every mom, including cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas. Featuring affordable gifts, DIY gifts, gifts for fitness moms, moms who love cooking, and busy moms. Plus, discover our section dedicated to gift ideas to split with your siblings!

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly. Shopping for our mom’s can be quite the challenge. You know that they would love and appreciate a gift from you, but you just don’t know what it is you should gift them. Below, we list our top gifts for any mom, whether she’s sporty, loves to cook, or is always on-the-go. Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide features budget-friendly gifts, handmade gifts, and gifts that are perfect to split with your siblings.

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Affordable Gifts ($25 and Less)

1. Gold Initial Necklace

Four images of women wearing a golden initial necklace.
Credit: Amazon/Bestyle

2. The Better Bubble Bath – Vanilla Coconut

Credit: Rocky Mountain Soap Co

3. Bar Essentials Growing Kit

Credit: Indigo

4. Tocca Mini Eau De Parfum

Credit: Anthropologie/Tocca

5. Mother’s Day Mug

Credit: Amazon/Ynsfree

6. Spring Kate Spade Earrings

Woman with long, brown, wavy hair is wearing a plaid green top, and the Spring Scene Flower Huggies earrings from Kate Spade.
Credit: Kate Spade

Gifts For Fitness Moms

1. Alani Nu Coffee

Alani Nu Vanilla Protein Coffee.
Credit: Alani Nu

2. Little Heart High Ponytail Cap

Credit: Popflex Active

3. Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie

Lululemon Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie in white. The model is also wearing black leggings, and she has long, straight, black hair.
Credit: Lululemon

4. Wellness Journal

Credit: Papier

5. Fitness Dice

Credit: Amazon/Chronicle Books

6. Women’s Sport Tank

Light pink sports top, worn by a model with brown hair tied back in a bun.
Credit: Sport Chek

Gifts For Busy Moms

1. Vanilla Travel Spray Perfume

Credit: Sephora

2. Coffee Shop Giftcard

Mom with short, brown, curly hair, wearing a pink blazer and business pants, and a white top.  She is holding a coffee cup and looking out the window.
Credit: unknown

3. Puffy Undereye Patches

Credit: Sephora

4. Coffee Tumbler

Credit: Amazon/Elegantpark

5. Mini Jewelry Travel Case

Mini Portable Jewelry Organizer. On the side there are 4 variations with different colors.
Credit: Amazon/TRODANCE

6. Portable Charger

Credit: Nimble

Gifts For The Mom Who Loves To Cook

1. Oven Mitts

Credit: Amazon/KitchenAid

2. Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Credit: Amazon/Clockitchen Store

3. Snap N Strain Pasta Strainer

Snap N Strain green strainer on a pot of pasta.
Credit: Amazon/Kitchen Gizmo

4. Plaid Apron

Credit: Amazon/Jubatus

5. The Home Barista Cookbook

Credit: Chapters Indigo

6. Mom’s Kitchen Cutting Board

"Everything Is Better In Mom's Kitchen" cutting board.
Credit: Amazon/Pandasch

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Coupon Book

Mom coupons for Mother's Day.  There are two paper coupons, laying on a blue cloth, next to pink flowers.
Credit: The Idea Room

2. Mason Jar Candle

Credit: Happiness Is Homemade

3. Gemstone Soaps

Credit: Honestly WTF

4. Gilded Egde Agate Coasters

Credit: Making Lemonade Blog

5. Tiny Terrarium

Credit: HGTV

6. Vintage Book Planter

Credit: HGTV

Gifts To Split With Your Siblings Or Other Parent

1. Heart Ring

Pandora Freehand Heart Ring.
Credit: Pandora

2. Flowers

Credit: Costco

3. Your Mom’s Favorite Perfume (Or Try This!)

Credit: Sephora

4. Lush Mom Gift Set

Credit: Amazon/KitchenAid

5. Mom Necklace

Credit: Pandora

6. Terry Bathrobe

Credit: Silk and Snow

We hope that this list of mother’s day gift ideas give your mom a small bit of happiness, giving you a small bit of happiness as well.


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