Random Fun Facts to Make You Happy

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How can you feel happier instantly? Fun facts are interesting and create curiosity.  Curiosity opens our mind to new ideas and gives us a mood boost!  These random fun facts are bound to boost your mood, lift your spirits, plus give you a smile even on a tough day.  Remember, it’s the small things in life that can bring us happiness everyday, we’ve just got to look for them!

In this BIT: How can you feel happier instantly? These random fun facts to make you happy (including animal fun facts) are sure to boost your mood.

A slice of German Cake on a white plate.  At the bottom of the cake, there is a white arrow pointing at the cake.  Below the arrow "NOT actually German" is written.

1. Trees make friends and talk

They talk about anything from sunlight, to warnings about the environment.  How do trees talk to each other?  Through their roots and soil fungi. 

2. Otters hold each others hands while floating

They do this to ensure they don’t float away and get separated from each other.

3. One strand of spaghetti is called a “spaghetto”.

4. German Chocolate Cake was not invented by a German.  It was actually invented by an American, whose last name was – you guessed it – German.

5. Goats have accents.

6. It’s illegal to own only one guinea pig in Switzerland.

These creatures are highly social and get lonely when without a friend.

7. When the moon is out, moon flowers bloom.

8. Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn.

9. The reason that bananas are curved is because they grow towards the sun.

10. The North Pole is warmer than the South Pole. 

Blue northern lights with a white unicorn running on the snow.  Above the unicorn, "Scotland's National Animal" is written.

We hope that these random fun facts make you smile and give you a small bit of happiness.


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