The Easiest Stress Tips for Teens

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Today we are sharing a few easy self-care and stress tips for teens. These tips are backed by science, as they help activate the Vagus Nerve (click here to read). The best thing about these tips is that they are super easy to implement into daily life. Some of these you may even do without knowing!

1. MUSIC:  By singing, humming or even just listening to your favorite music you activate the nerve in the back of your throat. This is another great reason why you should sing in the shower, car, or just wherever you are.

2. DRINK A WARM BEVERAGE: Having a warm drink like tea, or hot chocolate soothes the back of the mouth and tongue, activating the vagus nerve. My favorite drink is the caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks.

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3. LAUGH OUT LOUD: Laughing activates the vagus nerve, so watch those funny videos on social media, funny sitcoms like Friends, or maybe joke around with your friends. Let yourself enjoy these moments because they’re good for you, and overall really fun.

4. GO OUTSIDE: Walking outside can calm the gut, so enjoy your walk to and from school as well as that walk with your dog.  Going outdoors does so much good to make you feel better and getting a little bit of sun on your face, a bit of Vitamin D is never a bad idea. Just remember to dress for the weather. When I go for a walk with my dog I listen to music, which is a great way to combine two of these tips. 

5. TUMMY:  Happy tummy = happy you. Going outside helps the gut but so does listening to your stomach.  Incorporate yogurt, which is rich in probiotics or take an occasional supplement and avoid eating things that do not agree with you, such as things that are too spicy or too fatty. 

6. COLD SHOWER: I know it doesn’t sound soothing but cold immersion therapy has been shown to stimulate the nervous system so it is not a bad idea to enter the shower before the water starts running at our ideal temperature, it’s good for you and helps boost your mood. 

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7. BREATHE: I know you have heard to breathe when you are stressed. The science behind it is that if you breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth you stimulate the vagus nerve.  This tip is definitely an easy one to incorporate into daily life, and can be done whenever, wherever. 

We hope that you found a few easy ways to be happier using some of the above tips! Small bits of happiness can truly be found in everyday life and improve teen mental health.


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