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Dark background with teen girl in the middle, who is playing with fairy lights. "Why we need more sleep" is written in the middle.

Why Is Sleep Important?

We hear all the time that sleep is important for us. An adequate amount of sleep results in our bodies functioning better, including that we can think better and retain memories. But can sleep make us happier?…

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Background of an orange and red flower in a garden. Above, "Why Small Bits In Nature Are Important" is written.

Benefits of Nature and Small Bits

Looking for the small things in everyday life is one of the easiest ways to find more happiness, but sometimes we overlook all the small and beautiful pieces of nature right outside of our door!  These bring us…

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Pink watercolor background with a teen girl on the left. She is wearing a green tanktop, has mid-length, straight, brown hair, looks surprised and is pointing to the right. On the right, "Scientifically proven: How Being Kind Makes Us Happier" is written.

Why Be Kind? It Makes You Happier

Ever wonder why you should be kind? In this BIT we break down how to help others, why you should be kind, and more. One of the easiest ways to help ourselves feel happier is to help others. Yes, you…

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Purple, blue, and pink background. On the left, there is a teen girl with straight, black hair in a ponytail. She is wearing a purple tank top, standing, facing the left. She has white earphones in and is drinking water from a green waterbottle. On the right, "This Will Make You Want To Drink Water" is written.

This Will Make You Want To Drink Water

We have a wide variety of beverage options, making it easy to say ‘no’ to water. However, water holds countless benefits, and this will make you want to pour yourself a tall, refreshing glass…

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Background image of woman on the right. She is wearing a blue top and blue skirt, facing the sun, with mid-length, brown, short hair. Her arms are both up. On the left, "Why Sunlight Is Important" is written.

You Need To Know About These Benefits of Sunlight

Sunlight plays such an important role in our daily life. It brightens our mood and helps us feel more awake. But, there’s more, you…

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Forest background with grey wooden planks in the background. On the left there is a teen girl with mid-length black, curly hair. She is wearing a black tshirt with a blue denim jean jacket, has glasses. She looks very confused, and has both her hands out in a confused position. Above and behind the teen girl, "Should" is written in large letters. On the right, "I go outside?" is written, with two lines underlining below.

Why Should I Go Outside?

Being outdoors comes with countless benefits, for both our mental and physical health. Discover what these benefits are, how we can get them, and some crazy fun facts, including…

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Yellow and white background with three oranges and orange splash in the middle. At the top, from left to right, "Truth Behind Happiness Scents" is written.

Happy Scents You Need To Try

Scented candles.  Room Sprays.  Freshly baked cookies. All these smells make us happier. But, why? Guess what…

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Pink background with stars on it. On the right, there is a teen girl wearing a blue denim dress. She is wearing large, silver, hoop earrings, has mid-length, brown, curly hair, is smiling, and holding a phone. On the left, "How Music Makes You Happier" is written on white and yellow textboxes.

Happy Music Makes You Happier, How?

Why does happy music actually make us happier? Well, you’re about to find out. Plus, discover our free playlists, filled with music that makes you happier.

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Teen girl with mid-length, straight, brown hair. She is wearing a white t-shirt, and holding a clear cup of tea. She is smiling. To her right, "Why Chamomile Tea?" is written. Yellow accents are above and below her image. On the left, there is a small chamomile flower graphic.

Drink This For Stress: Chamomile Tea Benefits

Chamomile tea is one of our favorite teas! Aside from originating from Ancient Eypgt, it can help you calm down when stressed, as well as…

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Light pink background with a teenage girl, wearing a pink t-shirt and denim overalls in the centre. The teenage girl has long red hair. She is looking upwards, and biting her nails. "Do you ever..." is written near the image of the girl, with white textbubbles surronding her. The text bubbles have written; "doubt if you are good enough, feel self-doubt, unable to replicate past success, doubt if your success is well deserved. doubt if you actually have talent, doubt what you know, fear others will think you' are a fraud."

Why Am I Not Good Enough?

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? You doubt yourself and don’t trust yourself? Read these tips…

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Light pink background, with a teen girl in the right corner. The teen girl is wearing a red t-shirt, has curly brown hair, silver hoop earrings and a very confused expression. On the left-hand side of the girl, "The Truth About Sharing Your Feelings" is written.

Why is it Good To Talk About Feelings?

“Tell me how you feel”, “it’s okay, you can tell me”.  Do you ever hear these words from people that care about you? But, I know what you’re worried about…

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Pink, purple and orange background with "nostalgic music" written in white font.  On the left, there is a teen girl, wearing a black shirt with white stripes.  She has long, brown hair, is wearing white headphones, holding a phone, has her eyes closed and is singing.

Does Listening to Old Music Make You Happier?

Have you ever listened to music that reminds you of a fun time? Perhaps a road trip, or celebration, and felt happier? Did you know…

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Fall leaves in the background with a magnifying glass in the center.  Inside the magnifying glass "why does gratitude make you happier?" written.

Why Should I Be Grateful?

Thanksgiving is centered around good food, time with family, and most of all: gratitude. But why does gratitude make you happy?

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Light blue background with a teen girl holding open a yellow book in front.  She is wearing a black t-shirt, has black hair pulled into a ponytail, and has her mouth open, looking shocked.  To her left, "try this instead of meditation" is written in bright yellow.

Try This Instead of Meditation

This activity brings similar benefits to meditation, but it way more likely to be enjoyed by us, as teens…

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Navy background with teen girl on the right-hand side. She's wearing a yellow sweater, has long, black, curly hair, and is smiling with her eyes closed. On the left-hand side, "why you feel sad after something fun" is written.

Why Do I Feel Sad After Something Fun?

Have you ever been super excited for something to happen?  Then it happens and now you’re sad…

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Bright yellow background with "5 foods for better sleep" written in blue at the top. Below, there's a blue alarm clock and "zzz" spelled out.

5 Foods That Help Fall Asleep

Did you know that certain foods can help you fall asleep? Today, we share five foods and our best sleep hacks…

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Colourful background of orange, purple, blue and pink. On the left, on top of all the colours "why downtime is productive" is written. On the right, a teenage girl with black hair smiles with her eyes closed while listening to music on headphones.

Why Downtime is Productive

Our world is in a constant state of “go-go-go”, and we think if we’re not working, we’re not being productive but science proves…

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Bright yellow background with girl with short black hair and a long sleeve yellow top in the middle. At the top "for teens" is written in bold, black letters and "de-stress hacks" is written below in white, on red bubbles.

The Easiest Stress Tips for Teens

Today we are sharing a few easy self-care and stress tips for teens. These tips are backed by science…

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A girl with mid-length brown hair, with black doodles over her head. On the left "Truth of Happiness" is written in purple.

The Truth of Happiness

Science has proven that we can feel happier by doing certain things and activating one of the most important…

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A spread of healthy fruits, vegetables, and fish laid out on a black background

Superfoods That Make You Happier

How often are you eating happiness boosting foods? Yes it’s true, food can make you happier! Certain foods do…

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Mercedes and Anastasia, co founders of Small Bits of Happiness, Mercedes in a plaid jacket, with braided hair has her hands on her face in a shocked expression. Anastasia is wearing a long sleeve mauve top and a ponytail in her hair, she has her hands on her face in a shocked expression

Debunking Happiness Myths

These common happiness myths can be found all over the internet. Are they true? “The most profound happiness cannot…

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Woman sitting on cliff facing ocean sunset

Does Meditation Work For Sleep?

I’m 14, and I have struggle falling asleep. A lot. My mind wanders, I toss and turn, I want…

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