Our Summer Reading List For Teens

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In this BIT: Our Summer Reading List has all of the best summer books, especially for teens. Featuring page-turners and cliffhangers, you won’t be able to put any of these books down. Explore our list and immersive yourself into a whole new world this summer.

Summer is here and while we are often busy traveling, hanging out with friends, or doing other fun things, it’s also nice to relax, take some downtime and read a book, especially outside. In this BITS post, we’ve put together some of our personal favorite summer reads to give you a small bit of happiness.  Not only do all of these books make for a perfect summer read, but they range from romance to fantasy, and beyond.

Credit: Amazon/Jennifer Saint

1. Ariadne

By Jennifer Saint

Ariadne is an ancient story of love and sisterhood, betrayal and hope retold through a take on Greek mythology. Ariadne is perfect for Greek mythology lovers, as well as people new to the subject. It is magical and captivating, most definitely an unforgettable read.

Credit: Amazon/Alexandra Christo

2. To Kill A Kingdom

By Alexandra Christo

In “To Kill a Kingdom,” is a story about a powerful siren princess named Lira who is transformed into a human by her vengeful mother. To regain her true form she must capture the heart of a prince. On her mission she navigates through love, redemption, and the ultimate battle against dark forces that threaten their world. With its beautiful blend of romance and adventure, this book twists old myths and creates characters you can’t help but love. 

This is Alexandra Christo’s first novel and is an international bestseller. Her Young Adult fantasy books have been translated into over a dozen languages worldwide.

Cover of "People We Meet On Vacation" by Emily Henry.
Credit: Amazon/Emily Henry

3. People We Meet On Vacation

By Emily Henry

“The People We Meet on Vacation” follows the story of two unlikely friends, Poppy and Alex. After a few years of not seeing each other they decide to go on a vacation together. Through their shared adventures and nostalgic memories, the book explores their changing relationship, past mistakes, and the possibility of a deeper connection that may change their lives.

This story is a delightful and heartwarming tale of friendship, love, and self-discovery as two best friends navigate the difficulties of their friendship during a vacation.

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" book cover by Jenny Han.
Credit: Amazon/Jenny Han

4. The Summer I Turned Pretty

By Jenny Han

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” tells the story of Belly, a young girl whose life changes during a summer spent at a beach house with her family friends. As Belly navigates her relationships with the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, she uncovers secrets, faces heartbreak, and learns important lessons about love, growing up, and the bittersweet nature of change.

This book is addictive, perfect for any summer reading list, and will keep you flipping the pages while falling in love with the characters.  It also has 2 sequels, and we can tell you that we couldn’t put any book in this series down.

Credit: Amazon/Stephanie Garber

5. Caraval

By Stephanie Garber

Caraval is a page-turning, thrilling adventure!  The main character, Scarlett, is accompanied by Julian, a mysterious sailor as they enter a magical game called Caraval to save her kidnapped sister.  As Scarlett moves deeper into the game’s twists and illusions, she must unravel secrets, face dangerous challenges, and question her perceptions of reality to uncover the truth and rescue her sister.

This is a must-read book for teens, as it is super captivating and well written. It is definitely hard to put it down!

The cover of "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder" by Holly Jackson.
Credit: Amazon/Holly Jackson

6. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

By Holly Jackson

This is another book that you will not be able to put down. Pippa chooses to write her final year-end project about a murder that took place in her small hometown.  As she researches the details of what happened it becomes obvious that someone wants them to stay hidden. The question remains, is the killer still on the loose, and what will happen with Pippa? 

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading one of these books for teens, and get a small bit of happiness this summer.


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