Our Top YA Books For Teens

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Have you ever read a book that made you forget your stresses and put you into a happier mindset? Good books give us small bits of happiness, and distract our brain from all the stresses and challenges that come up everyday.  Reading is a great activity to distract and de-stress us but it also helps us focus, relax, and may even help us live longer. Below, we list our top YA teen books to read.

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1. Renegades

By Marissa Meyer

The main characters of this book are The Renegades, people with extraordinary abilities who created order in what once was a chaotic society. They are a symbol of justice and hope. But the villains they overthrew seek revenge.

This is a sci-fi action, page turning novel that revolves around the two worlds of good and evil.   The book twists with plots of love, deception and revenge in an attempt to maintain peace and justice against the uprising of anarchy. 

Front cover art for The Maze Runner book.  Stones covered in green vines, with "The Maze Runner" written in the front, in large letters.
Credit: Amazon/James Dashner

2. The Maze Runner

By James Dashner

With relatable characters and heart pounding action, The Maze Runner is one of the top fantasy books, absorbing you into a new reality, allowing you to forget your worries and stresses. This book is so good that it became a current trending movie series, The Maze Runner. Have you watched these movies?

Not to reveal too much; the book is about Thomas and other teen boys, who can remember nothing but their names after waking up in The Lift.  They must leave this place, and get back to reality.  The boys are surrounded by monsters and large stone walls, and outside of them is a maze that changes its shape every night.  One day a girl arrives. The first girl to ever arrive in the Glade, and she comes bearing a horrifying message. 

Front page art for Matched book. Green background with girl in snowglobe, wearing long green dress, and long brown hair. Below, "Matched" is written in white letters. Below "matched", the author's name is written in black "ally condie."
Credit: Ya Book Queen – Blogger/Ally Condie

3. Matched

By Ally Condie

If you’re a Hunger Games fan, this book is for you. We consider it one of the top YA books of 2022! It is based in a dystopian world, in which everyone’s lives – including who they marry – are strictly controlled by The Society.  The main character, Cassia gets matched with her best friend, but when another face also flashes on the screen, she is faced with choices she never knew she had.  She must make an impossible choice. Matched is a page-turner and a must-read. 

The Golden Compass front cover art.  Snowy background, with a light grey sky, and on the snow, a polar bear is running with a small girl on it's back. At the top "philip pullman" is written in golden letters, with "the golden compass" written below.  At the bottom, in small white  letters "#1 International bestseller" is written.

4. The Golden Compass

By Philip Pullman

This is another top fantasy book, which led to the HBO Original Series, His Dark Materials. 

The main character, Lyra, has spent her life at Jordan College alongside her best friend Roger. But when Roger disappears, Lyra believes that he has been kidnapped by the Gobblers, an organization that steals children who never return. Lyra braves everything, from armoured bears, witches, and an unknown substance called dust, on her journey to find Roger. This book is a masterwork of storytelling and intrigue. Once you finish reading this book, you will love the rest of the series.

Front cover art for The Summer I Turned Pretty.  Beige background with sand dunes, and 3 teens (one girl and two boys) running on the beach at the bottom.  At the top, in large white letters "The summer I turned pretty" is written, with "jenny han" written in smaller pink text beneath.

5. The Summer I Turned Pretty

By Jenny Han

Did you watch The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime?  The bright and summery feel of the show gave us a small bit of happiness, and the book is even better. In fact, it is one of the top YA books of 2022.

Belly loves summers, she lives for them.  Going up to the beach house, seeing her childhood friends Conrad and Jeremiah, and just living her best life.  Everything good and magical always happens during this time.  However, this summer is different.  Without giving anything away, it is a wonderful read that will make you fall in love with reading again. 

We hope that these teen books to read will inspire you to pick-up a new novel, and that you’ll find a small bit of happiness by reading it. 


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