What Celebrities Do To Be Happy

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Do you ever wonder how celebrities keep it all together?  We often picture them as ‘perfect’ and want to be more like them, but they’re human too, and just like all of us, they also struggle with finding happiness and have their own mental health challenges.  However, they’ve found hacks that help them find more happiness in daily life.  Below we list what celebrities do to be happy, because everyone deserves to feel good. Whether you’re a famous celebrity, or a teen, like us. 

Camilia Cabello wearing pearl necklace, long brown curly hair, slight smile, in a fall background.
Credit: Rolling Stone

1. Camila Cabello


Camila Cabello shared that while she was working on a song for the movie Cinderella she was also struggling with sadness and anxiety. However, Camila found that by working on such an uplifting and confidence boosting song, it helped her get through it.  One of her celebrity secrets to being happy is listening to uplifting music.

What can I do?  When you’re feeling stressed or sad, listen to uplifting music that makes you feel like you can overcome your issues. Try this playlist!

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson smiling, wearing a navy suit, in front of orange background.
Credit: The Guardian

2. Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson has spoken out about his own experiences with depression, saying that he believes an important step in dealing with these feelings is realizing that you’re not alone.  One of his celebrity mental health tips is to tell yourself:  “You’re not the first to go through it; you’re not going to be the last to go through it.” and know that it’ll all be okay.

What can I do?  Remember that you aren’t alone, there are billions of people in this world, and hundreds of thousands of them are experiencing similar things to you, regardless of what you’re going through.  Just like Dwayne Johnson, tell yourself:
“You’re not the first to go through it; you’re not going to be the last to go through it.”

Oprah Winfrey wearing pink dress, hoop earrings, slight smile, in front of white background with red words.
Credit: Encyclopedia Brittanica

3. Oprah Winfrey


All of us feel overwhelmed sometimes, just like Oprah, as the owner of the Oprah Winfrey Network.  However, we know that downtime is important, and she says that her celebrity secret to being happier is that she takes every Sunday as a day off to renew.  She does absolutely nothing, sits in her pyjamas, or takes a walk, just letting herself have time to BE with herself. 

What can I do? Take Sunday off, don’t work on getting ahead for school, sleep in, hangout with friends, watch a movie, read, cuddle with a pet, or go for a walk.  Sometimes, we can’t manage to take an entire day off, but even just a few hours of downtime help our brain recharge and feel happier. To read more about why downtime is productive, click here.

Bella Hadid wearing gold dress, diamond necklace, long straight brown hair, and slight smile.  She is standing in front of a red, sparkly background.
Credit: Popsugar

4. Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid talks about her struggles with social anxiety, and that she used to start shaking and crying when she needed to do red-carpet interviews.  But, she says her social anxiety has improved as her job requires her to interact and speak with people everyday.  Overall, her celebrity mental health tip is to stop avoiding your fear, and just do the thing that is giving you stress.

What can I do? Use the ‘just do it’ mentality. Know that one way to improve anxiety around talking to people is to push yourself through it, and be okay with feeling uncomfortable.  Eventually it will get better.  For example, raise your hand in class, go up to your friends in the hall, or approach your teacher to ask a question.  You can do this! Just pretend you’re Bella Hadid. 

Lana Condor in a black dress with puffy sleeves, smiling, black straight hair, long earrings, standing in front of a grey background.
Credit: The City Celeb

5. Lana Condor


Lana Condor shares that to help her de-stress she tries to read everyday, finding that it grounds her and makes her feel in control.  She also drinks a lot of water daily, and goes for many dog walks. One of her celebrity secrets to being happy is getting fresh air, it makes her feel better, and going for early morning walks sets an energized tone for the day.  

What can I do? Take some time to read everyday; in the car, before going to sleep, or while waiting to get picked up after school.  Bring a water bottle to school with you and set a goal to have it finished by the end of the school day.   Also, if you have time, take your pet, or go with a family member for a walk.

We hope that reading about these celebrities and seeing their happiness hacks made you feel less alone, and gave you a small bit of happiness. 


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