Why Be Kind? It Makes You Happier

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In this BIT: Ever wonder why be kind? In this post we break-down how to help others, why you should be kind, and include our favorite kindness quotes.

One of the easiest ways to help ourselves feel happier is to help others. Yes, you read that right! A simple act of kindness boosts not only the mood of the recipient, but also of the giver. Even moreso, simple acts of kindness help us beyond a quick moment of happiness. These easy acts can help us feel as though we have a purpose, make us feel more fulfilled, and even reduce feelings of loneliness. How does helping others help us, why should you be kind, and what can we do to be kinder? We break it all down in this BIT.

Firstly, the basis of why a simple act of kindness makes us feel happier! It is the chemicals in our brain. When we do something nice for another person our brain releases a series of happiness hormones; including serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. All of these hormones are responsible for different aspects of making us feel happier and more satisfied. In fact, some of these happiness hormones released in doing the act of kindness are the same as those released when we exercise, eat tasty food, hug a loved one, or cuddle a furry friend.  

Why Be Kind…

According to the Greater Good Magazine from Berkeley University, people who are kinder feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life, rather than just pleasure and comfort. This is due to the fact that when we do something kind, we help someone feel better, or improve their day. As we do this more and more often, we begin to see the difference that we as individuals make. In fact, when we help make a positive difference in someone’s life, our self esteem and confidence gets a boost! Additionally, when we do something kind for another person, they are often grateful. Again, this boosts our confidence as we see someone else happier because of our own actions. 

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Here is a quick list of simple acts of kindness you can try!

-Smile at someone: This makes people feel more welcome and can brighten their day.

-Offer help: Offer to help a friend with schoolwork, help your parents with chores/housework, or help a peer clean-up a small mess, like a fallen pencil case.

-Volunteer: On the weekend, volunteer with a friend or family member. You could go to the dog shelter, soup kitchen, hospital, or charity organizations.

-Babysit for a friend or neighbor

-Donate clothes/belongings that you no longer use/enjoy

-Hold the door open

Our Favorite Kindness Quotes

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” —Mother Teresa.  Written on a pink, striped background.

Make it a goal to do one simple act of kindness everyday this week, and get a small bit of happiness.


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