Easy Comfort Food Recipes

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Do you ever want to eat a warm and comforting meal, cuddle up with a cozy blanket, and read a good book or just watch a show? We all have those days.  Comfort food is always a good idea, especially on tough days where nothing goes our way, and we need a small bit of happiness.  Not sure what to make? We’ve compiled a list of easy comfort food recipes, just for you.

In this BIT: The easiest comfort foods, recipes for teenagers, and tasty meals.

Mac and cheese in a white bowl, on a grey table, with spoon in the background.

1. 4-Step Mac & Cheese

This mac & cheese is yummy, warm, and easy to make.  If you love pasta and cheese this is for you! It only takes around 20 minutes to make, and is great for dinner, lunch, or even a snack (in a smaller portion). 

2. Potato & Bacon Soup

Are you a soup lover? This soup is delicious and quick to make!  It requires only a few ingredients, and just thinking about cheese and bacon in a bowl together brings me a small bit of happiness.

Potato & bacon soup in a black bowl, on a wooden tray.  On the right of the bowl are two pieces of white bread, on the left of the bowl is a silver spoon.
Square-cut brownies arranged on a grey countertop with chocolate chips scattered between the brownies.

3. Emergency Brownies

Sometimes we all need a little bit of something sweet to comfort us.  What better than a batch of delicious and quick brownies? See the recipe here.

4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This meal brings childhood nostalgia and you likely already have all the ingredients.  It’s easy and stress-free to make, and ready-to-eat in just 10-15 minutes. 

Try these to spice up your grilled cheese sandwich:

– Add ham

– Use a different type of cheese (i.e brie, monterey jack, havarti, swiss)

– Add arugula

– Add a tomato

– Add bacon

– Add avocado

2 halves of a grilled cheese sandwich on a white plate.  The sandwich has melted yellow cheese and ham inside.

We hope that these easy-to-make, comfort meal recipes for teenagers give you a small bit of happiness when you need it most.


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