All The Fall Recipes You Need

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In this BIT: All the best (and classic) fall recipes for your fall baking. Explore our homemade pumpkin spice, carrot cake recipes, and more.

Fall is in the air, and with that, it’s time for fall baking. I don’t know about you, but baking a delicious treat, especially a seasonally themed treat, certainly brings me a small bit of happiness. However, sometimes finding the *perfect* fall treat might be quite the challenge. Below, we share our favorite fall treats, and their recipes. So, consider this you sign to make a seasonal fall treat today, tomorrow, or this weekend. Invite a friend and bake together, or bake with a family member – giving you a chance to not only create a delicious snack, but also spend time and connect with those you care about.  

Three apple fritter donuts on a wooden cutting board.

1. Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters are incredible donuts – the mix of sweetness and apple never fails to brighten a bad day. Why not make them at home? 

2. Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin spiced cake and vanilla cream cheese filling. This dessert practically screams fall – and we’re here for it.  Also, these are quite simple to make, and certainly delicious.

3. Carrot Cake

This is a classic fall dessert. It entails sweet flavors, crunch of the walnuts, and tanginess of the cream cheese – no wonder it’s so popular!  Try this carrot cake recipe and enjoy a small bit of happiness.

4. Pumpkin Spice & Cream Cheese Cookies

Nothing says fall quite like homemade pumpkin spice cookies. These cookies taste like pumpkin pie in cookie form!  Bonus: since they’re cookies, it’s easy to bring them with you to school, activities, or to your neighbors house – as a little gift.

Credit: Two Sisters Crafting

We hope that these fall recipes inspire you to bake a seasonal dessert with your friend or family member, and that you get a small bit of happiness in every bite.


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