The Ultimate List of Fun Things To Do This Spring Break

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In this BIT: Enjoy all of these fun things to do this spring break. Featuring fun activities, ways to relax, things to do with friends, and more spring break ideas.

Spring has officially arrived!  This means that the weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, school is coming closer to ending, and spring break is upon us.  While having time off from school is the definition of awesome, sometimes we can get bored, and not be sure what to do during spring break.  Below, we list our top things to do this spring break.  

A background of pink cherry blossoms. In the middle, there is a checklist with "Spring Scavenger Hunt" written at the top. Below "bird, tree bud, green grass, butterfly, blossom, bee" are written.  There are drawings of a bunny and flowers next to the checklist.
Send this to your friends/family & do the hunt together.

1. Art: Paint or draw a beautiful spring scene, this could be from Pinterest, your yard, or even outside your window.

2. Movie marathon: Invite your friends over, secure some popcorn and candy, and watch a series of your favorite movies.  Consider making it a ‘themed’ movie night, such as comedy, action, or rom-com.

3. Bakeoff: Compete with your siblings or friends over who can bake the best treat.  Have your parents judge, and choose their favorite treat – without knowing who made which.  Click here for baking inspo.

4. Spring scavenger hunt: Try to find all these signs of spring!

5. Bowling: Go along your family or friends.

6. Black-tie McDonalds: Dress up with your friends and go get McDonalds.

7. Feel good: Clean out your closet and donate your old clothes to a local consignment store or shelter.

8. Rock climbing: Try this fun activity with your family or friends.

9. Take a sun-nap: Lay out in your background or patio and enjoy the warm rays of the sun, just make sure to apply sunscreen first. 

10. Make your own jewelry:  Check out YouTube tutorials on how to make your own bracelet, necklace, or ring. 

A blonde teen girl wearing black leggings, yellow shoes, a dark blue t-shirt, is rock climbing.

We hope that this list of fun spring break ideas gives you a small bit of happiness this spring.


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