Happy Hacks From Barbie

In this BIT: In honor of the new Barbie movie, we break-down happiness advice and happy tips from the one-and-only, Barbie.

The new Barbie Movie is a delightful, fun and empowering recent release that is the talk of the town. But, Barbie’s been around for a while. In fact, the first version of the doll was released in 1959, and since then there have been countless TV shows, movies, dolls, and so much more. With that, we’ve been inspired to take a closer look at Barbie throughout the years, and break-down her happiness advice.

1. Positive People

Barbie surrounds herself with plenty of friends and family. All of these people are supportive of Barbie, encourage her in times of need, and feel happy for her in times of success. Additionally, there’s a saying that the five people you surround yourself with are the five people you become. Just like Barbie, stay close to people who make you feel good, who support you when you’re down, and are excited for you when things are going well! Barbie is also very friendly and open to meeting new people. When you are in a new setting, approach someone close to your age and say “hi!” and start a conversation. Here are our top tips for starting a conversation.

Credit: Barbie on Twitter
Credit: Well+Good

2. Take Care of You!

Barbie knows the importance of working hard (she’s had over 200 careers!), but she also knows the importance of taking time for herself. No matter what you’re going through or working on right now, take a break. In fact, Barbie recently launched a collection of Wellness Barbie’s, that include Barbie taking a spa day, having a workout, or meditation for a self-care break. When we take time for ourselves, we feel happier, and are able to give more of our energy to others later.

3. Follow Your Interests

Regardless of what other people think or say, do things that make you feel happy! That is, as long as they’re safe and harmless. We only live one life, so there’s no point in living it for someone else. If you want to work on art, do it! If you want to start a business, do it! If you want to join the school play, do it! When we do things that we enjoy, we to feel happier. Don’t have any hobby ideas? Check these out.

Credit: The Sun

We hope that you try one (or multiple) of Barbie’s Happy Tips in your daily life, and get a small bit of happiness in return.


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