How To Not Care What Others Think

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In this BIT: Want to not care what others think? Below, we share our confidence tips and school advice on how to not care about other people’s opinions.

Everyone has an opinion. A certain way of thinking about a matter. Some people’s opinions may align with ours, while others may not. This is a vital part of life! However, we cannot allow for other people’s opinions, or the fear of what their opinion may be, stop us from fulfilling our dreams and goals. Something that is important to note, is that opinions are not typically backed with much (or any) facts, science, or knowledge. Opinions are simply one person’s view or judgement of a certain situation. So, detach from other people’s opinions and feel satisfied in your choices and interests.

1. Perspective

When someone tells us something that critiques our actions, we feel as though we’ve done something greatly wrong. Quite often, when we get stressed, we globalize the situation. This means that we get ‘into our head’, and start thinking that if one person doesn’t like us, then the entire world doesn’t like us. We’ll never form good friendship or build healthy relationships. Now, this is not true! When you find yourself spiralling in this way, imagine yourself outside of your house right now. Now zoom out and imagine yourself standing there from the perspective of the moon, and then, from another planet, such as Mars. In comparison to the big picture, our problems and other people’s opinions are minuscule.

2. Your Own TV Show

Picture your day-to-day life and interactions as all a part of a game, TV show, or movie. Remembering this is a fantastic reminder that everything happens for.a reason, whether it’s to remove toxic people from your life, help you discover more about yourself, or create deep and meaningful friendships. Additionally, I’ve found that pretending that your life is a game, TV show, or movie, especially in stressful situations, really helps you not take other people’s opinions too seriously and most importantly – learn from your mistakes.

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3. Their True Colors

When someone is overly rude or judgemental to you, or behind your back, remember that this says more about them than it says about you. Successful, interesting people don’t typically spend so much time and energy trash-talking others. In fact, some of the most successful people are also some of the nicest. When someone doesn’t support your interests, or judges you for something that you’ve said or done, remember that this is simply them displaying their true colors. Of course, one of my all-time favorite sayings is when someone shows you who they really are, believe them.

All in all, the best school (and life) advice is that it is important that you take pride in your actions and words, and don’t let the opinions (which is really just another word for the thoughts of) someone else to prevent you from feeling your best.

We hope that these confidence tips inspire you to detach from other people’s opinions, or the fear of someone disliking you, and find a small bit of happiness in embracing yourself.


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