Quick Breakfast Ideas

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I always look forward to it because it’s always delicious, makes me excited for the day, and gives me a Small Bit of Happiness. Here we list some delicious and quick breakfast ideas to make your day just a little bit better. 

Avocado toast on multi-grain bread with cherry tomatoes on the side.

1. Avocado Toast

This easy avocado toast recipe is the perfect healthy breakfast for rushed mornings. Avocado is so delicious, just spread it on your favourite toasted bread, sprinkle it with salt and pepper and perhaps add a slice of tomato. It’s so yummy and will keep you full all morning. 

2. Granola with yogurt

My favourite granolas are full of nuts and seeds and sometimes even bits of chocolate. What’s not to love? I love them over my favourite vanilla or plain greek yoghourt. So good and full of protein to stay full all morning. If I’m not in too big of a rush I love having some fruits on the side. Just so good! 

White bowl with yogurt and granola with peanuts. A golden spoon is sticking out of the bowl, and 5 cherries on the side.
Ina Garten's baked french toast in a white bowl.
CREDIT: Food Network/Ina Garten

3. Baked French Toast

I love French Toast but I’m too hungry in the morning to spend all that time on making it. This is a recipe that we love making, from Barefoot Contessa, you prepare everything the night before and in the morning you just put it in the oven. Since it does take more time to make, we suggest it as one of our favourite weekend breakfast ideas! So easy and delicious.

You can use this link to find the recipe:


4. Scrambled Eggs

One of the quickest breakfast ideas: scramble eggs. They’re fast, delicious and nutritious. What’s more simple than scrambled eggs? 

We hope that these quick and healthy breakfast ideas inspire you and give you a Small Bit of Happiness.


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