S.G. Prince’s Thoughts On How to Find Your Passion

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In this BIT: Author of the To Poison A King book, The Elvish Trilogy and more, S.G. Prince reveals her insight and advice on how to find your passion. Want hobby ideas and inspiration? Keep reading.

Author of The Elvish Trilogy, The Heirs of Isla Series, and short story The River of Reversal, S.G Prince is a very talented and skilled author. She was born in Ohio, raised in Florida, and now lives in the East Bay. S.G. Prince is very passionate about writing, as well as poetry, but we can all struggle with finding and following what we love. In this BIT, S.G. shares her journey of becoming an author, dealing with challenges in doing what she loves, as well as shares her tips for teenagers to find our passion.

SBOH: What is your story behind becoming an author?  

S.G. Prince: I’ve always known I wanted to be an author. I think I’m one of those lucky people who found their passion early on and never strayed from it. I started writing books when I was seven or eight, started writing more seriously in college (even though my degree was in economics), and then eventually after college I wrote the book that would become my debut. It took a lot of practice, and many failed attempts, but I’ve never wanted to do anything else.

Credit: S.G Prince

SBOH: Before you started writing full time, you had another job.  Was it scary to quit your job and dive headfirst into writing?  What are your top three tips for teenagers who are struggling to embrace and follow their passions? 

It’s still scary! Being an author (or any kind of artist) is very uncertain. I was fairly logical in my decision to quit my job, and I made sure I had a financial plan in place that made sense in case my books stopped selling. Sometimes, you just have to take the leap.

SBOH: What advice would you give to someone, in particular a teen, who is struggling to find or identify their passion?

I think it’s important to let go of expectations and outside pressure and just allow yourself to explore your interests widely. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to be bad at things. I think sometimes people get the idea that passion always looks a certain way, or that you must have a natural gift in order for your passions to be real, but that’s just not true.

SBOH: Can you share a specific moment in your writing career when you felt like you were truly following your passion, and what that meant to you?

This one is hard! I don’t think there’s ever really been a specific moment, it’s more like sometimes I’ll be writing a book and I’ll be feeling stuck or frustrated, and I’ll just look up and remember there was once a time when I dreamed of being where I am today. It puts it all into perspective. Those moments are so meaningful. 

SBOH: Your newest novel, To Poison a King, has just been released. Do you have any upcoming events, projects, or exciting news to share with the world?

To Poison a King is getting a companion novel called To Save a Kingdom that I’m really excited about. It takes place several years after Poison and follows a whole new cast of characters that I had so much fun writing. 

SBOH: With the emergence of ChatGPT and A.I, how do you feel about the future of writing?

I do sometimes wonder if my job is at risk. ChatGPT is definitely changing the landscape, and I think authors are already using it to help them write stories. Right now, ChatGPTs book writing quality is pretty subpar, but I don’t doubt that with time, the system (and others) will become more sophisticated. The question will then be if readers want books written by robots, or if there will still be some value in those written by humans. We shall see. 

Credit: S.G Prince

SBOH: What gives you a small bit of happiness everyday?  

My writing shed! We just moved to a new house, and I have my own shed out back where I’ve got my office set up. I come here and do all my writing. It brings me lots of happiness. 

SBOH: What are some words you live by or an inspirational quote?

One of my favorites has always been, don’t give up on your dreams because of the time it will take to accomplish them; that time will pass anyway. It takes a long time to write and publish books, so this one has always felt especially relevant. 

SBOH: What is one food that gives you a small bit of happiness?

Do I have to pick just one!? I just had a Turkish delight like five minutes ago (you know those small gummies coated in powdered sugar?) so I’m going with that 🙂 

We hope that S.G. Prince’s advice on finding and following your passions inspires you to think of hobby ideas, and gives you a small bit of happiness.

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