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White background with an image on the left. The image is of S.G. Prince. On the right, Small Bits of Happiness "Interview with Author S.G. Prince on Finding Your Passion" is written. Below, there is a graphic of a typewriter.

S.G. Prince’s Thoughts On How To Find Your Passion

Author of The Elvish Trilogy, The Heirs of Isla, and more, S.G Prince shares her story of quitting her previous job to pursue her passion. S.G. also shares her hacks to find your passion…

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Turquoise background with yellow in the bottom, right corner. On the right, Viola Seda is pictured, wearing a grey puffer jacket. On the left "Small Bits of Happiness Interview with Viola Seda, Activist, Poet, Entrepreneur," is written. Below, on an orange button "Read Now!" is written.

Viola Seda on Standing Up For Yourself

14-year-old climate activist, poet, and designer of her own battery, Viola Seda shares with us the importance of standing up for you and how to not give into…

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Turquoise background with yellow banner. On the banner, "Interview with Actress, Sophia Reid-Gantzert, her tips on confidence and happiness" is written. On the right, there is an image of Sophia Reid-Gantzert.

Sophia Reid-Gantzert’s Confidence Tips

Teen actress and professional ballerina Sophia Reid-Gantzert shares her advice for feeling confident and dealing with big change…

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Interview with Brooklyn Summer. On the left, there is a red banner with "Brooklyn Summer" written on it, and "Musical Artist and Actor" written below, with her headshot on the right.

Brooklyn Summer: Life of Teen Celebrity

Ever wonder what the life of a teen celebrity is like? Teen singer, songwriter, and actress Brooklyn Summer shares her insider information and advice…

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Green background with a cartoon of a cabbage. On the left, Katie Stagliano is standing in a red dress, holding her Clinton Award. On the right, "Interview with Katie Stagliano, Katie's Krops. Youngest recipient of the Clinton Global Citizen For Leadership in Civil Society."

Katie Stagliano & Tips For Being Overwhelmed

Katie Stagliano started the non-profit organization, Katie’s Crops at nine years old. Here, she shares her advice on feeling overwhelmed…

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Bobsledder Dawn Richardson Wilson is standing on the left side of the image, with "Interview with Dawn Richardson Wilson, professional athlete" written to her right. Below the words, there is an image of the Olympic rings.

Dawn Richardson Wilson’s Tips for Better Days

Olympic athlete Dawn Richardson Wilson shares her advice and tips on how to have a better day, plus her secret to…

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Megan Oldham, Canadian freestyle skier doing a ski jump over a "Beijing 2022" Olympic Banner. To her right, "Interview with Megan Oldham" is written.

Megan Oldham On The Importance of Taking Breaks

Megan Oldham, Canadian Olympic freestyle skier, shares the importance of taking breaks, how they make her happier, help her ski better, and…

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Teri Hofford, jumping on a tennis court, on the left "Teri Hofford" is written in large white letters.

Body Image Advice from Teri Hofford

In this BIT post, we interviewed Teri Hofford.  Teri is a body image educator, award-winning photographer and best-selling author.  

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