Tips For the New Year For Teens

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The New Year is here, and with that, the opportunity for a fresh start.  Whether you have a personal list of goals, or you’re just trying to be the best version of you, try doing these four tips for the New Year to have a better and happier year. Keep in mind that “New Year, New Me” isn’t necessarily true for everyone, and as long as we try our best, that’s what counts! Everyone is a work in progress, and is on their own journey. However, the New Year is a good time to start fresh and find new goals, even if they’re small. These tips for teens are simple to do, and easy to add into your daily routine in this New Year. Remember, progress not perfection. It’s okay if you occasionally don’t do one or all of your “goals”.  Simply try your best, and remember that everyone is a work in progress. 

IN THIS BIT: See our teen-approved easy New Year’s resolutions and discover how to be happier in the New Year.

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1. Celebrate Wins Instead of Worrying About Losses

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things that are going wrong in life.  We deal with tough things on a daily basis. Those confusing friendships, frustrating teachers, really difficult tests, sport games where we don’t do well, and much more. However, if we only ever think about the things that are going badly, we miss out on all the good moments.  Those small, good moments are the moments that make up a huge portion of our lives; those are the small bits of happiness.  Whenever you find your mind trailing to the “losses” of the day, remember not to focus on the things you cannot change.  Instead, think about anything that happened during the day, or recently, that has been a “win” and give yourself credit for it. These “wins” are the moments that have made you feel good, or moments when you accomplished something, and these need to be celebrated! Maybe you woke-up on time, made your bed, scored a goal in the game, your friend enjoyed the song you played, your cookies turned out well, or someone complimented you. Let yourself celebrate the wins and feel proud of yourself, and happiness will follow.

2. Help Others

This is a simple and free act that truly has the power to boost both our mood, and others. Make it your goal to help one person everyday.  This doesn’t have to be a big thing! Look at the image for a list of easy ways to help others. When we help someone, we not only give them a small bit of happiness, but we boost our own mood as well. Why? Because, when we see someone just a bit happier, or less stressed, because of our own actions, it makes us feel good inside. 

Light pink background with "how to help others:" written at the top. Below, there are seven white checkboxes, with a point written next to each.  The points are "Hold the door open for someone, 
listen to a friend who needs to talk,
 donate old clothes, 
offer your seat on public transportation to an elderly person, 
bake some cookies and share with your neighbours or friends, 
compliment someone, 
or even just smile at someone while passing."
Water in the background with "How to drink more water" written at the top. Below, there are 7 points, with "Make it a goal to finish your water bottle at school. Refill your water bottle one time more than you usually do (i.e, if you usually refill it once, try to refill it twice). Buy an hourly water bottle Add fruit for a hint of taste (i.e strawberries, lemons, limes, oranges). Eat food high in water (celery, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe). Sip throughout the day, keep your bottle near you and drink sporadically. Replace other drinks with water (i.e if you have soda with dinner, have water on the side too)."

3. Drink More Water

Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? This year, make it a goal to drink a bit more water everyday. You’ll feel happier, because staying hydrated helps improve both mood and energy!  Bonus: it can help clear your skin. Drinking more water can feel intimidating, but just drinking a bit more everyday can make a big difference on how we feel.  Depending on how much you currently drink, use the image to find your hacks for drinking more water.

4. Find Your Word

Think of one word that describes how you would like your New Year to go. Write it down in your notes app, journal, or even on a sticky note that you stick on your laptop. Whenever you feel lost, stressed, overwhelmed, or confused throughout the year think back to your word. This word can act like a compass for the new year, helping you make decisions.

Word of the year word cloud.

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We hope that you add some (or all!) of these hacks and easy New Year’s resolutions into your daily routine, helping you become a better, and happier version of yourself this year. 


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