How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without A Date

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  It’s a fun colorful day in the middle of dreary winter; known for love, celebration, and of course chocolates.  However, it can be tough when social media and all the ads around us tell us that the only way to celebrate this day is with a date.  We are here to tell you that Valentine’s Day should be fun and special for everyone, not just the people in a relationship. Below we share our advice on how to feel special and have a fun Valentine’s Day without a date.

In this BIT: What can you do on Valentine’s Day without a date? Find out how to celebrate and have the best Valentine’s Day yet!

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1. Go to the movies

Invite your friends and head out to the movies to watch a new release.  Going to the movies is more special than just getting together with friends. Leaving your house makes the experience more memorable as you are not surrounded by your usual distractors, including your phone or laptop, helping you genuinely enjoy the moment. Plus, this way nobody has to be stressed over hosting.  If you are worried about running into people on dates at the movie, remember that first of all this day is not just for them!  Secondly, you’re with your friends, and who cares what people that you’re never going to see again think! 

2. Make it a Valentine’s Theme night

Coordinate a Valentine’s Theme night with your family.  If your parents are going out, maybe just with your siblings.  Eat some candy and chocolate together, play a board game, make some Valentine’s crafts (click here), a Valentine’s Day themed dinner (i.e spaghetti and meatballs – like in Lady and the Tramp), even a fun mocktail (click here) or Valentine’s themed charcuterie board (click here) and watch a funny rom-com.  Remember that Valentine’s Day is about spending time with someone you love; this can be your family too.

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3. Make it all about you

Take the evening and make it your own.  Do whatever will make you happy!  Maybe have a spa night: paint your nails (click here), put on a face mask, and take a long bubble bath.  Or, binge-watch your favorite show again, and get out all the treats.  Or, listen to your favorite playlist (click here for inspo), and bake a tasty treat.  Again, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with someone you love, and we all could benefit from a bit more self-love. 

We hope these hacks help you celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day, have the best Valentine’s Day without a date, and give you a small bit of happiness. 


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