Why Do I Feel Sad After Something Fun?

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Have you ever been super excited for something to happen?  Then it happens, and now, you’re feeling sad, and wondering “why do I feel sad after being happy?” Maybe you went on a trip, visited Disney World, went to a sports event you worked towards for years, had a really fun get-together with friends, or anything else that brought you an enormous amount of joy and excitement.  We know how you feel, those “post-excitement blues” are common.  Find out below why you feel sad after something fun, and what to do about it.

The reason why you might feel sad after something fun and exciting is because:

– Reality now seems ‘greyer’ or sadder.

– You aren’t having a surge of ‘happiness hormones’ (i.e dopamine) rushing through you.

Overall, this feeling of “post-excitement blues” is just your system getting back to normal, because you’re no longer feeling that overwhelming sense of joy.  

So, how can you feel happier during a period of “post-excitement blues?” 


Finding the Small Bits of Happiness in daily life:  Enjoy the little moments like cuddling with your dog, watching the sunset, reading your book, and enjoying a refreshing beverage.  Remember that you don’t need something super exciting to be happening in order to feel happy, just like this quote says:

“Life is a series of thousands of tiny little miracles. Notice them.” Roald Dahl 

Know this will pass:  Try not to take your “post-excitement blues” too seriously, know that this is a normal human response, and soon these feelings will pass. 

Plan something:  Plan something that you look forward to!  Maybe it’s another hangout with your friends, a day trip to the amusement park, beach, or zoo, or another fun activity that will distract you from those “post-excitement blues.”  Click here for the Ultimate Fun List.

Note: If you feel sad for a prolonged period of time, or are feeling sadder than usual, talk to a trusted adult or a mental health professional. 

We hope that these facts help you understand why you might be feeling sad, and that you find a small bit of happiness in your day. 


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