DIY Halloween Decorations

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In this BIT: Find a Small Bit of Happiness by getting into the Halloween spirit with these DIY Halloween decorations! Featuring budget-friendly, DIY options.

There’s no better way to get into the Halloween state-of-mind than to decorate your room or home. However, Halloween decor can be hard to find, but also  really fun to make! Below we list our favorite DIY Halloween Decor ideas – plus, they’re budget friendly. Invite some friends over, or ask a sibling or parent to join in DIY fun and have a pre-Halloween decor party. Play some Halloween music, eat a Halloween treat, and feel a small bit of happiness this spooky season.

Credit: Goodhousekeeping.com

Pipe Cleaner Spider: These creepy crawlers do not in fact crawl! Plus, all you need is pipe cleaners. These are definitely excellent as a budget-friendly option.

Paper Strip Pumpkins: Pumpkins that are made from paper strips are a must-try.

Halloween Paper Lanterns: Aren’t these skeletons so adorable?!  Hang these on your mantel, headboard, or even on a desk or table.

Colorful Hanging Ghosts: These ghosts are not only sure to bring a sense of Halloween to your home, but they are also a definite mood boost!

Felt Halloween Gnomes:  Gnomes take-on Halloween! Place these by your front door, kitchen, bedside table, or on your mantel.

Pom-Pom Garland:  Spooky characters turn into pom-poms on this adorably spooky garland.

On the right there is a yellow shelf with a number of Halloween decorations, including pumpkins and ghosts, on it. On the left, there are two ghosts hanging from the ceiling. On is pink, the other is orange and floral.
Credit: Awwsam.com

We hope that you try making one of these DIY Halloween, budget-friendly decor ideas, and get a small bit of happiness. Consider inviting a friend or family member. 


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