How to Stop Feeling Angry

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Does this sound familiar? Your blood is boiling, your fists and jaw are clenched, and your heart is racing; you’re angry. Being angry from time to time is normal but nevertheless it can disturb your relationships with others, as well as lower your mood.  Here are our top three tips on how to stop feeling angry, and be calmer. 

IN THIS BIT: Our top advice on how to stop feeling angry and become calmer daily.

1. Talk About it

 Our instincts might tell us to hold our feelings in, but when those feelings build up they often come out one way or another.  Sometimes when we feel really stressed, nervous, scared, hungry, or even tired, all those emotions can lead us to feel overwhelmed and angry. As we’ve talked about in our BIT Why is it Good To Talk About Feelings, talking about how we feel comes with countless benefits.  So don’t hold in your feelings, instead share them with someone you trust.  Calmly tell them how you’re feeling and talk through it all.  Don’t know how to talk to someone about your feelings?  We’ve all been there.  Click here for our BIT all about talking about your feelings.

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2. Do Something Creative

Occupy your mind with something else.  Try something creative!  Maybe sketch, find a YouTube drawing tutorial, color, paint, or even sew.  Depending on where you are when feeling angry, you might have different supplies available.  For example, if you’re at school, sketching or drawing might be a better option, whereas if you’re at home, you could follow a YouTube drawing tutorial, or paint! 

3. Use the Navy SEAL Hack

Did you know that Navy SEALs use box-breathing to calm themselves?  Click here to read our BIT on Tips for Less Stress From Navy SEALs.  When we’re feeling angry, taking a moment to breathe can really help us slow our thoughts, and not act on impulse.  Visualize, or even draw out a box and trace the sides while breathing: deep breathe in…hold…deep breathe out…hold…repeat. Aim to repeat it around three times, or until you’re feeling calmer.  

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We hope that these tips help when you’re feeling angry, and give you a small bit of happiness.

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