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Orange background with a girl on the left side, she has long curly brown hair, and is smiling with her eyes closed. To her right, "self love tips" is written with 3 red heart doodles.

Teen Hacks

Life hacks, top tips & advice for teenagers.

Megan Oldham, Canadian freestyle skier doing a ski jump over a "Beijing 2022" Olympic Banner. To her right, "Interview with Megan Oldham" is written.

Celebrity Interviews

Teen-icons sharing what gives them a small bit of happiness + more advice.

Colourful background of orange, purple, blue and pink.  On the left, on top of all the colours "why downtime is productive" is written.  On the right, a teenage girl with black hair smiles with her eyes closed while listening to music on headphones.

Teen Explained

Facts that will make you happier – explained for teens by teens.

4 teen girls walking together, laughing. Starting on the left she has long, curly brown hair, jeans, yellow striped t-shirt, next the girl has short black hair, green pants and a lilac top, next the girl has large black hair, a denim skirt, long sleeve red top, finally the girl on the right has brown hair, a blue tank top, and jeans. At the bottom centre, "things to do with friends" is written in a light yellow text box.

Our Favorites

Food, movies, and activities that will give you a small bit of happiness.


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Featuring quick videos created for teens by teens.

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